Take Your Time Reading Commercial Lawn Care Bids

commercial lawn care bids

Commercial lawn care bids are legal contracts, and as such should be read very carefully. In this article, we will explain to you what to look for, and what to insist upon, when you receive such a bid.

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Okay, let’s get down to it.

A walk-through before the commercial lawn care bids is essential.

Any commercial mowing bid, or lawn care bid, should begin with a property walk-through with the property owner.  It is during that walk-through that all facets of the proposed job will be discussed. It is during that walk-through that the property owner will explain, in detail, exactly what they want done, and it is during that walk-through that the mowing company representative will answer all questions and give verbal guarantees.

If someone quotes you a bid about commercial mowing rates, without taking a detailed stroll along your property, discard that bid as quickly as possible.

Commercial lawn care bids should include all necessary information.

What needs to be done? How often will it be done? What equipment will be used? How many employees will be working on the job at any given time? What will it cost? Are there any possible surcharges? What if the job is done late? What if it is done incorrectly? What if the job is not completed at all? What if there is damage to your property?  What, in fact, does commercial lawn care mean?

The answers to all of those questions should be included in any lawn care contract.  If they are not, do not sign the contract. It’s really as simple as that.  Do not take anyone’s word that the job will be done in a particular manner. Have it written in the bid, making it a legal document, making it a binding contract. That way you have recourse if the job is not done properly.

For the best results, go with the best.

Let’s cut to the chase with some unpleasant information. There are some unsavory and untrustworthy lawn care companies out there. Ever since COVID, there has been a huge influx of less-than-professional and less-than-qualified lawn care companies. They do not have the proper equipment and they do not have the property expertise . . . and they certainly don’t have the liability insurance to keep your property safe.

Ask for references, check those references, and then go with the best.  Yes, you may pay more monthly for the best, but that money will be offset with peace of mind and the absence of future problems stemming from the poor job done.  It really is a matter of pay now so you don’t have to pay much more later.

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