The Cost of Tractor Mowing: Why So Much?

how big of a tractor mower do you need?

One of the most common questions asked of us is what does general tractor mowing cost, and how is the cost determined.  This article, then, is an insider’s attempt to answer that question.

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And what will that estimate include? Let’s take a look at the tractor mowing industry pricing policies.

What is general tractor mowing?

Simply stated, general tractor mowing is any mowing job which requires a tractor mower to complete. These jobs are usually an acre of larger in size, and they would include cemetery mowing, church mowing, HOA mowing, right-of-way mowing, pipeline mowing, and of course farm and ranch mowing.

How is the general tractor mowing cost determined?

It’s amazing how many people think that a mowing contractor simply estimates the amount of time a job will take, multiplies that time by a flat rate, and comes up with a price quote. Although that is certainly part of the pricing process, there is a bit more to it than that.

Transporting large equipment like a tractor mower, a brush hog, and other large mower attachments, takes time and money, and that must be factored into any job price quote. In addition, the depreciation caused by each job i.e. the wear and tear on the equipment, is factored in, as is the cost of insurance.

Generally all of these things are what make up a price quote, and those price quotes are usually based on a rate per hour estimate. For example, if a commercial lawn mowing company is quoting $75 per hour, that does not mean they are paying their employees $75 per hour; it means that all of those other factors are included in that $75 per hour quote.

Is the tractor acreage mowing industry regulated?

The only regulation involved with the tractor mowing industry is the Law of Supply and Demand. Any metropolitan area will set it’s own pricing level for jobs like tractor mowing. If most commercial mowing companies are charging $75 per hour, but one company is charging $125 per hour, the chances of that more expensive company staying in business, without a price adjustment, are slim.

There will always be companies which bid very low on jobs, and that falls under the category of “buyer beware.” What are they not telling you when they quote that low a price? Lack of experience? Lack of training? Poor equipment?  No insurance?  It is always advisable to do your homework when hiring a commercial tractor mowing company. Ask for references and then follow-up on those references. The best defense against unsavory business practices is to be proactive and do your market research.

A final word from Keith’s Tractor Mowing

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