Three Questions to Ask Before Attempting Land Clearing

cutting in brush

Actually, we should probably change the title of this article to this: Three questions to ask before attempting land clearing or hiring someone else for land clearing.

This is important so pay attention. We are Keith’s Tractor Mowing, serving the Greater Fort Worth area, and the following suggestions/warnings come from over two decades of experience in this field.  Land clearing is a bit more detailed than mowing your front yard, and it requires certain skills and knowledge.

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Okay, on to those three questions!

Do you have the proper equipment?

Land clearing involves brush.  Land clearing involves sticks and stones and all manner of other impediments and potentially dangerous projectiles.  Land clearing is not a job for a TORO push mower.

At Keith’s Tractor Mowing, we only tackle land-clearing with heavy equipment.  Our TORO and John Deere tractor mowers have blades made from the toughest and sharpest steel. They have various speeds to handle various depths and toughness.  The blade mechanism is not rigid, meaning they will give and take when they meet opposition.  We have tackled the toughest pipeline terrain and the toughest large lot mowing jobs, and we’ve done it with ease, but that’s only because we had the equipment to take on the toughest of jobs.

If you are hiring someone to clear your land, the first question you should ask is about their equipment.

Do you have the proper experience?

Do you have experience in land clearing or, if you are hiring, does the company have experience in land clearing?  Listen, people have been hurt tackling mowing and clearing jobs they should have never tackled.  What we are saying is this type of work is dangerous, even with the proper equipment, and dangerous work should only be done by experienced people.

If you are contracting with a company for land clearing, ask for references and check those references for veracity.

Do you have liability insurance?

We have $1,000,000 general liability insurance at Keith’s Tractor Mowing, and we have over twenty years of experience.  In fact, we have that much insurance because we have that much experience. We are fully aware of the dangers in this type of mowing. We know that rocks can be thrown hundreds of feet by these powerful machines. We know hidden sticks can become flying weapons. We know that no matter how much experience you have, there is always the element of risk in land clearing.

Make sure you have insurance, or make sure the company you hire has insurance.  It’s important to be protected before taking on a job like this.

A word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing

Over twenty years of experience in the Fort Worth area – that has to count for quite a bit.  We have been doing commercial mowing and commercial brush hogging and commercial land clearing for a long, long time, and we believe we are the best company for any job.

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