Wood Chipper

A wood chipper could make fast work of tree branches

A wood chipper is a machine which chews up branches of trees and makes them into mulch/compost.  They are used by homeowners and commercial lawn maintenance companies. They are incredibly handy tools for cleaning up debris on a construction site, or for homeowners to use when the spring and fall cleanup comes around, after all the pruning has been done.

What follows is a general description of wood chippers, how they are used, the different types of, what they cost, and how to use them, presented to you by Keith’s Tractor Mowing, the go-to company in Fort Worth for acreage mowing, lot mowing, brush hog jobs, and all other jobs over an acre in size. Call Keith for your next big mowing job, and know you are hiring the best in Fort Worth.

And now, the world of wood chippers!

Sizes of wood chippers

Like most yard equipment, wood chippers come in a variety of sizes, from the one-man wood chipper used by homeowners and sold at places like Home Depot, to the large, industrial sizes used by professional land clearing companies.

What they are capable of cutting

To answer this question, we need to separate wood chippers from wood shredders, because they are two different machines.  A wood chipper will make mincemeat of branches and sticks.  A wood shredder can handle vines, grasses, and leaves.  A wood chipper would become clogged by grasses and leaves; the blades are not designed for shredding but rather for cutting wood into very small pieces.

The diameter of wood cut by a wood chipper will depend upon the size of the machine and the power of the engine.

How to properly use a wood chipper

How do you properly use a wood chipper? Carefully! In the hands of an amateur, or someone who is careless, a wood chipper can be a dangerous tool.  Many a homeowner has amputated a finger or two by not respecting the power of a wood chipper.  Safety goggles should always be used.  Clothing should be secured so that it does not dangle.  Hands should never be put inside the chipper.  Stubborn pieces of wood should be pushed into the wood chipper using a stick or wooden pole.  And the area in front of the wood chipper should be clear so that debris shooting out of the front does not hit people, animals, or vehicles.

The cost of a wood chipper

The cost depends upon the size of the machine.  You can pick up a small one for less than a thousand. The large ones, used by land clearing contractors, can cost upwards of ten-thousand or more.

A final word about using a wood chipper. Unless you are a homeowner trained and skilled in their use, it is our opinion that wood chippers should only be used by professionals.  They are simply too dangerous for the “weekend warriors of lawn care” to use.  Pay the money and get a pro to do the dangerous jobs.

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