Approaches to Cutting High Grass

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Anybody who has ever used a lawn mower understands about the headaches associated with cutting high grass.  Let’s face it, cutting long grass can be a major task; at best it can be annoying enough to ruin your day.  And, in some cases, cutting tall grass can lead to painful accidents.  With that in mind, we want to give you our thoughts about cutting high grass, some of the methods which do not work, and some of the methods which work much better with safer outcomes.

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Cutting high grass with a residential lawnmower

If you’ve even tried cutting tall grass with a residential lawnmower, you know this simple truth: it does not work well.  Toss in those days when the dew is heavy, and you would have better luck getting on your hands and knees and chewing it shorter.

Residential lawnmowers are not made to handle grass longer than three or four inches. The blades are not sharp enough, or heavy enough, and the engines are not powerful enough to provide the revolutions necessary to take on the tough jobs.  If all you have is a residential, walk-behind mower, either mow your lawn weekly, mow it two or three times, or hire the job out.  Those are your only three options.

Cutting high grass with a lawnmower plus

One trick we learned as teenagers, and it still works, somewhat, today, is to go over the long grass with a weedwhacker first, and then follow up with the residential lawnmower.  Yes, this is a time-consuming approach, and no, it does not give you a pristine, even cut, but it will tackle the long, tough jobs.

Cutting high grass with a riding lawnmower

Sorry, but even those expensive, riding lawnmowers do not have the blades, or engine, necessary to handle grass cutting when the grass is over a certain length.  Riding lawnmowers are designed for an easier job physically. They are designed for those who have no desire to walk behind a mower in the blazing sun.  Yes, they have a larger cutting radius, but what good is a larger cutting radius when the cut is uneven?

Cutting high grass with a tractor mower

Tractor mowers have two advantages the residential mowers do not have: they have sharper, heavier blades made out of the toughest steel, and they have powerful engines which provide many more revolutions of those blades.  In our professional opinion, if you have a large lawn area, and extremely tall grass, the only way to achieve an even, attractive cut is with a tractor mower.

Yes, we know, most homeowners and property owners cannot afford to purchase a tractor mower, but they are for rent at most implement supply stores, and you can also hire out to a professional lawn-cutting company, which will do the job safely, quickly, and professionally.

The bottom line: if you want to avoid all the hassles associated with cutting high grass, cut the grass more often.

A final word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing

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