Cutting High Grass

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What we have here is a 500-word primer on cutting high grass, from one of the leading tractor mowing services in the Fort Worth area, Keith’s Tractor Mowing. Call us to arrange for a job quote if you live within 75-miles of Fort Worth.  Acreage mowing is our specialty.

Definition of high grass

Most residential mowers have a mowing height of at least four-inches; at that height they can more effectively and give an adequate cut.  But what about grass which has grown taller than four-inches? What to do about six-inches grass? Nine-inch grass? Surely you won’t use a Toro push mower to tackle a job so big?

The problem which tall grass poses is that some of it tends to bend over when in contact with a residential mower.  Manufacturers do not use the toughest steel on their mower blades, and the engines of residential, walk-behind mowers are not terribly powerful.  They can handle weekly mowing of three-inch grass quite well, but the longer grasses pose a definitely problem.

Property owners and cutting tall grass

Property owners who have allowed their grass to grow beyond this length face a problem; not an insurmountable problem, but a problem nonetheless.

One solution is to mow the lawn or acreage several times.  Another solution is to use a weed-whacker on the tough sections which the mower will not cut.  And some property owners even turn to a sickle for those impossibly long and difficult sections.

All of these approaches will provide an adequate cut, but they also require several piece of machinery and extra time to finally achieve a uniform cut of the high grass.

Commercial grass cutting companies

The solution, for those with limited time and resources, is to use commercial grass cutting companies for the job. These companies, like Keith’s Tractor Mowing, have the equipment needed to do the job properly the first time.  Yes, it costs to hire a commercial lawn cutting service, but the time saved is often worth the extra cost.

The right equipment is always preferred

A tractor mower has blades made of the toughest steel, which means a better cut. The tractor mower engine is much more powerful, which means a better chance that those long stalks of grass will be cut on the first pass.  And for the vegetation which cannot be cut by a traditional tractor mower, there is an attachment called a brush hog, which can handle vines, shrubs, and most other tough stalks too large for regular mowers to handle.

For those who are contemplating renting a tractor mower to handle the tough jobs, just beware that tractor mowers are large pieces of machinery, and in the hands of those not trained for such work, dangerous pieces of machinery.  It is always better to leave such work to the pros, those trained in such work, pros like Keith’s Tractor Mowing.

A word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing

Keith’s Tractor Mowing is a trusted name in the Fort Worth area.  No job is too large and no mowing job is too tough. Call us for any lot mowing job.  We will come out, give you a quote, and our reputation ensures that the job we do will be the best job available in the Fort Worth area.