Brush Mower

What is a brush mower?

A brush mower is also known as a bush hog, or brush hog, and it is exactly what it sounds like, a mower which can tackle brush rather than grass/lawn.  Because it tackles the heavier jobs, it is constructed of heavy-duty materials. Only the strongest steel is used in the blades.  The bushings and other mechanical components of a brush mower are solidly built with durable materials. The blades revolve at a much higher rate, and the blades are mounted in such a way that they are “flexible” to handle the differing contours of the land.

In this article we will discuss the brush mower, and also what to expect from brush mowing services like ours, Keith’s Tractor Mowing, serving the Greater Fort Worth area. Call us with questions or to arrange for a quote of your brush hog job.

The specifics of brush hogging

A brush hog is a rough mower that is attached to a tractor (a mowing deck, if you will) that is used to cut small brush and heavy weeds. In a pinch, I have known a homesteader or two that have used a brush hog to cut hay and it works decently enough, but I dare not say it works well.

A bush hog is attached to the tractor and towed behind for clearing land (grubbing it) to create a pasture, hay field, home location spot, or garden spot or to tend to established pastures and hay fields.

A brush hog cuts in a pattern that is both efficient and will help save both fuel and time. The alternative to tending to a field properly would be using a regular riding mower and a weed eater – a vastly more time-consuming proposition.

Not only would using a more residential style of grass and weed cutting in a field or to clear land take a whole lot more time, such equipment would not be able to cut down dense brush without clogging or breaking blades.

What do we use at Keith’s Tractor Mowing?

At Keith’s Tractor Mowing we use a John Deere 4320, suitable to deliver the following:

  • Best suited to mow grass over knee high
  • Rough mowing or fine lot mowing
  • Skid steer to move dirt & rock piles
  • Bush hogfor mowing thick brush & vegetation
  • Tough enough for single jobs or once a year mowing
  • 12 gears for wide range of motion when mowing field

What will you pay for brush hog services?

Every job is different, but we can tell you that most brush hogging is priced according to the amount of time it takes to do the job, and the distance a brush hogging service must travel to the job.

Are you protected in case of damage?

With Keith’s Tractor Mowing the answer to that question is YES! We carry a $1,000,000 general liability insurance policy, which means you can breathe easy when we are on the job.  No one wants to think about an accident happening or damage occurring, but it’s nice to know you are covered if it does happen.

Give us a call – Keith’s Tractor Mowing – and we’ll walk you through the brush hogging process for your specific property.