Can You Cut Grass Like The Pros?

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Is it worth it to hire someone to cut grass rather than do it yourself?  Do you have the skills to match the pros?  Is saving money worth not having your grass look its best? We will answer those questions in this article, brought to you by Keith’s Tractor Mowing, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with the very best in acreage mowing and land clearing. Call us today to arrange a job quote for your property.

What does it mean to cut grass like the pros?

If you are one of the millions who believe mowing a lawn requires very little skill, you are partially correct.

If you are one of the millions who believe mowing a lawn with very little skill is just as good as mowing a lawn like a pro, you are absolutely incorrect.

Fact: mowing a lawn, cutting grass, requires little knowledge at all.  Just about anyone can walk behind a power lawnmower.  Having said that, there is a very real difference between cutting grass and cutting grass correctly for long life and healthy grass.

Commercial lawn maintenance experts understand the different types of soil. They understand the different types of fertilizers. They understand the different lengths of cut and the benefits of certain cuts. They understand weed control. They have professional lawnmowers which have the sharpest of blades and which provide the most consistent cuts.

The average homeowner has none of those things and none of that knowledge.

Can you cut grass like the pros?

We won’t give an absolute answer to this question, but we will say that 95% of homeowners do not have what it takes to cut grass like the pros, nor do they have the time to learn how to do it in a professional manner.  Most people are unaware that many professional grass cutters are certified and have undergone extensive training to be certified, so when we say cut grass like the pros, it has a very specific meaning.

Is it worth the savings to do it yourself?

We cannot answer this question for you.  Only you know if it is worth the cost of a professional lawn maintenance company. We cannot possibly answer how important your lawn is to you. We can say that a professionally mowed lawn will have greater curb appeal and, in many instances, can increase the value of your home.  But is that important to you? We do not have that answer.

The best we can do for you with this question is this answer: if your lawn is very important to you, and you are a busy homeowner, then it seems to us that hiring a pro is the only logical step to take.

What will it cost? It is impossible to say. Prices vary greatly with professional lawn maintenance, depending upon the package you contract for and the area you live.

A final word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing

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