Professional Grass Cutters

We really don’t want this article about professional grass cutters to sound negative in nature, but a word or two needs to be said about this topic. So consider this a “setting the record straight” article, an attempt to open some eyes so that we all know what should be expected from professional grass cutters and commercial lawn mowing services.

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What is a professional grass cutter?

The truth is this: anyone with a business license, declaring to be a professional grass cutter, is, in the eyes of the business community, designated as a professional grass cutter.

A business license costs $75.  Toss in another $25 for business cards.  Toss in a free blog site on WordPress. For a total of $100 you can be in business as a commercial lawn service.

Please note I said nothing in that last section about experience. I said nothing about proper equipment. I said nothing about a knowledge of the industry or liability insurance.

Therein lies the problem! It is easy to be among the many professional grass cutters. It is considerably more difficult to be qualified and trustworthy.

What, then, should you look for in professional grass cutters?

The right equipment

The best equipment nets the best cut when it comes to lawn cutting, acreage mowing, or brush mowing services.  You get what you pay for in this business.  Sharp blades are made from the best steel.  Tough organic matter can only be cut down by sharp blades revolving at high rates of speed, which means a powerful engine on your mower.  These things cost, and these things matter in commercial mowers.

The right stuff

Does the company staff have extensive knowledge about commercial mowing? If not, don’t hire them.  They can do more damage to your lawn, your acreage, or your possessions, in a single hour, and it simply isn’t worth the risk.

A proven track record

There are far too many fly-by-night, pop-up commercial mowers in today’s world. Anyone with a mower and a trailer to haul it in can claim to be a commercial lawn mowing service.  Check their track record. Ask for references and call those references. Talk to the Better Business Bureau about the mowing company. Check at the Chamber of Commerce.  Ask other property owners who they use for their lawn service. Don’t fall for promises of low prices and quick work. Do your due diligence and find a lawn cutting company which actually has the experience you need for your peace of mind.

A word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing

For decades Keith’s Tractor Mowing has been taking care of the residents, business owners, and municipalities of the Fort Worth area.  We are respected and recommended, and that only comes from a proven track record. Call us today and ask for a price quote, and also ask about the $1,000,000 general liability insurance we carry with us to every single job we do. That is your certificate of assurance that the work we do is safe and professional.