Code Enforcement and Code Enforcement Mowing: What You Should Know

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We are often asked about code enforcement, and code enforcement mowing.  What are they?  How do they affect homeowners and business owners?  We will try to answer those questions in this article, we being Keith’s Tractor Mowing, leading the way, in Fort Worth, with outstanding acreage mowing and yes, code enforcement mowing. Call us the next time your mowing job is too large, or too difficult, for you to handle on your own.

What is code enforcement?

Rather than tell you what code enforcement is, it is easier to list some of the more common code enforcement infractions, which would include:

  • Zoning standards and/or land use violations
  • Substandard or dangerous buildings which do not meet code
  • Dangerous property conditions which need upgrading
  • Accumulation of garbage, trash, junk, or recyclable materials which cause health or safety concerns
  • Inoperable or unlicensed vehicle on private property for more than 30 days
  • Excess animals at a residence according to local statutes: more than 3 dogs, cats or hens
  • Structure that fails to meet minimum exterior standards for appearance and safety
  • Vegetation which encroaches into the right-of-way, creating a pedestrian or traffic hazard
  • Signs in or over the right-of-way, excluding political signs
  • Sandwich board more than 20 feet from the front door of the business it advertises
  • Performing construction (residential or commercial) without obtaining a building permit

Code enforcement, then, is an arm of the local government, which makes sure that citizens, and businesses, are in compliance with local city codes, so that everyone in the city is safe.

What is code enforcement mowing?

Taking a look at the list above, we can see that code enforcement mowing would include making sure that buildings meet minimum exterior standards, and that vegetation does not encroach into right-of-ways, thus creating pedestrian and traffic hazards.

The complications involved with enforcing the code 

The problem in a densely-populated area is that every municipality, every city, and every town, has its own set of laws regarding code enforcement.  In other words, code enforcement in Fort Worth may be completely different in Dallas or North Richland Hills of Haltom City.

How do you hire for this type of job in your particular area?

Hiring commercial mowing services, then, one capable of doing the code enforcement job you need done, will require hiring a company which is aware of the various code enforcement laws in all of the communities, one which has a working relationship with the government officials whose job it is to make sure the public sidewalks and streets are safe and hazard-free.

If you are a homeowner, or business owner, hiring a code enforcement mowing service then becomes a search for one which has this local knowledge, and that becomes a matter of asking for references and then following-up on those references to make sure the mowing company can, in fact, do what needs to be done . . . and, of equal importance, that company is aware of what needs to be done on a legal level.

A final word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing

For decades Keith’s Tractor Mowing has been a trusted name in code enforcement mowing. We have worked with the State of Texas, and with local governments, and we are completely aware of the local ordinances which are so important.  We get the job done, first time, every time, commercial mowers you can rely upon.