Commercial Mowing Services Hiring Guide

baseball field grass mowing

Commercial mowing services is one of those industries which seems to increase in number whenever the economy is bad.  It seems like you can drive through practically any neighborhood and you will see a pickup truck towing a small trailer, and in that trailer is a lawnmower, a weedwhacker, and a leaf-blower.

One reason for this is because it costs very little for the average person to start up a commercial mowing business.  Most people already have the lawnmower, weedwhacker, and leaf-blower in their possession.  Many people already have a pickup truck. So for the cost of a business license, a person can be in business.

Stop right there and re-read that last paragraph, and in particular the part which says “the average person,” because that is key to the conversation we are having.  The simplicity of starting a commercial mowing service has nothing to do with professionalism, experience, and training, and everything to do with convenience.

So, what do you want? Professionalism or convenience when you are hiring a commercial lawn service?

How can you avoid spending money on an amateurish company?  How do you know you are getting what you are paying for with regards to commercial grass cutting?

This article will help. We are Keith’s Tractor Mowing, serving the Greater Fort Worth area, and we have over two decades of experience in commercial mowing.  Call us for more information about acreage mowing, lot mowing, and all other “big jobs” in need of mowing/cutting/ brush hogging.

Always ask for references

Do not hire a commercial mowing service without asking for references.  If they can’t give you any, do not hire them.  If they are reluctant to have you call former customers, do not hire them.  You are going to spend a good amount of money on a professional lawn service, so you deserve to hear, from other customers, what kind of lawn service you are hiring.

Always follow-up on those references

It will take you an hour, maybe less, to follow-up on those references.  Our suggestion: not only call the former customers, but drive by and look at the job performed for those other customers.  If you don’t like what you see, don’t go with that company.

Call the Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau in your community is there to protect you, the customer, from scams and fly-by-night companies.  If there is something wrong with a lawn service, the Better Business Bureau will know about it. Call them!

Compare prices

The market in a particular area will set the price for lawn services.  Extremely high prices or extremely low prices should be viewed with suspicion.  Usually the prices are pretty standard among the various competing companies.

Make your decision

Once you have performed your due diligence, pull the plug and make your decision based on the information you have gathered.

At Keith’s Tractor Mowing, we welcome that kind of scrutiny. We know what our customers are going to say about us. We know what the Better Business Bureau of Fort Worth wills say about us. And we know that our prices are fair.

Call us and let’s talk about your mowing job.