Contract Grass Cutting

There are things you need to know if you are thinking about hiring a contract grass cutting company to handle your overgrown acreage mowing or lot mowing. This article should help. We are Keith’s Tractor Mowing, serving the Greater Fort Worth area. Call us to arrange for a price quote for your mowing needs.

Now, let’s go over some basics of contract grass cutting.

Not all commercial grass cutting firms are the same.  You can take that statement to the bank.

Here’s the problem in the commercial grass cutting industry: there is very little in the way of regulation.  For someone to hang up their shingle and go into business as a commercial lawn cutting business, they simply need a business license.  It’s that simple.  There are no regulations.  Experience is not required.

Please note, we are not saying that all commercial mowing services you run into are fly-by-night operations, nor are we saying all of them are inexperienced. What we are saying, however, is you need to pay attention to the details before entertaining commercial lawn care bids.

What are the important details?

It begins with experience. Set aside the cost for a moment. Cost will fluctuate greatly, even among experienced lawn maintenance companies.  What you want, more than anything else, is experience.  Can the company do what they say they can do? Have they done it in the past? Do they have the proper large area mowers to do the job in a timely manner?

Ask for references and then follow up on those references.  Ask to see the equipment the company will be mowing with.  And ask about liability insurance!  Keith’s Tractor Mowing carries $1,000,000 general liability insurance on every single job we do, and you should expect the same from any contract grass cutting company you contract with.  Accidents happen, even with experienced commercial mowing companies, and you want to make sure you will be compensated if an accident should occur on your property.

What can you expect?

Regarding price, you can expect anywhere from $50-$100 per hour.  Most commercial mowing companies charge by the hour; few offer a price quote based on anything other than the time it will take to do the job. There might be added fees for long traveling to and from the job site, but generally the time it takes to do the job will dictate the cost.

If the proper equipment is used, and we are talking about tractor mowers, a one-acre job will take less than an hour. In fact, if the proper equipment is used, anything less than ten acres can be done within an hour, meaning your job should not cost more than $100.  We can’t speak for contract grass cutting in Des Moines, Iowa, but we can speak from experience in the Fort Worth area.

And those are the basics regarding contract grass cutting.  If we had to narrow it down to one word of advice, that word of advice would be to ask for references and then follow up on those references. Experience matters for big mowing job.   You might pay a bit extra for the experience, but the end result will make it worth it in the end.