Explaining Mowing Code Enforcement in Fort Worth

mowing code enforcement

The average citizen is not familiar with the term “code enforcement,” mainly because the average citizen never receives a code enforcement citation.  If, however, you have received one, and you are confused about what it means, we will clarify it all in this article.

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What is code enforcement?

All large cities have code enforcement officers, or officials.  It is their job to make sure that the city’s ordinances, and city codes, are followed by the citizens and local businesses.  This might be a case of a business having too many advertising signs on the property, or a homeowner having too many wrecked vehicles parked on the lawn.  Each city has a specific set of codes, and those codes must be followed by the city’s citizens.

The vast majority of people living in a city just naturally follow the codes without even knowing it or thinking about it.  A business owner knows to keep the area around their location neat.  Most homeowners will try to keep their property looking nice.  However, when the exception to that rule happens, code enforcement officers will give a warning, give a specific amount of time for the infraction to be rectified, and then issue a citation (usually a ticket/fine which must be paid) if that infraction is not rectified.

What is mowing code enforcement?

Yes, there are mowing code enforcement codes.  An example might be a specific length grass can be on a business property.  The point of these mowing codes is to keep the city looking nice, but also to prevent an infestation of rodents, which love tall vegetation for a habitat.  It is in the general best interest for these codes to be followed.

What to do if you receive a citation?

As stated earlier, if you receive a mowing citation, you will be given a grace period during which you need to follow the letter of the law.  You then have two options: you can either take care of the mowing yourself, or you can hire a commercial mowing service to handle the situation for you.  Yes, this may seem like a hassle and yes, hiring a commercial mower will cost you money, but continued code violations can result in your business being shut down by government officials, or your home being declared a public nuisance.  Neither of those outcomes would be good.

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