Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Mowing Services

grass cutting contracts should hold important fine print details

If you have been thinking about hiring commercial mowing services from some local company, you undoubtedly have questions.  We will attempt to answer those questions in this article, we being Keith’s Tractor Mowing, one of the most trusted names in commercial lawn mowing services in the Fort Worth area. Call us for more information should you need it after you read this article.

Now, on to those questions.

What does commercial mowing cost?

It is very hard to nail down an exact cost for commercial mowing rates. They fluctuate quite a bit from region to region. We can tell you that the industry average, across the United States, is in the $75 per hour range, but that may be wildly off mark for the area you live in.

Your best approach: do your homework, do your due diligence, and call around collecting various quotes.

What is included in commercial mowing services?

Here we go again with a very nebulous answer.  The term “commercial mowing services” can be an all-inclusive term which only means lot mowing, or it can mean landscaping duties such as fertilizing, edging, or other services in addition to acreage mowing.

A word of caution: know exactly what you want before signing a contract, and know exactly what is being offered to you in that contract.  In other words, nail it all down before money is exchanged.  We are not implying that any mowing company is shady or underhanded, but we are implying that it is very easy to have misunderstandings.

How to find a good mowing service

Our best word of advice for anyone looking for commercial mowing: ask around!  If you are a business owner, ask other business owners who does their commercial mowing. If you are a private homeowner, ask other homeowners in your area.  If you work for a town or city, ask neighboring towns who handles their tractor mowing contracts.  In this particular instance, with so many start-up mowing companies, word of mouth is a fairly good way to find a good mowing company.

What liability protection do you have?

We cannot overemphasize this enough: make sure the mowing company carries liability insurance. At Keith’s Tractor Mowing, we carry $1,000,000 general liability insurance on every job we do. That way you are protected if any accidents should occur.  We strongly recommend you only hire a mowing service which carries liability insurance, and make sure you ask to see proof of that insurance coverage.  Commercial mowing involves the use of big machinery, and big machinery can occasionally toss rocks and sticks, and those objects can do damage.

Protect yourself and demand liability insurance!

A word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing

For over twenty years the people of Fort Worth have called on Keith’s Tractor Mowing for all of their acreage mowing, lot clearing, and bush hog services. We have worked with private homeowners. We have worked with a number of city governments. We have worked with countless businesses.

The kind of trust we have established can only happen when a quality job at a fair price is delivered time and time again, and that’s what you can expect from Keith’s Tractor Mowing.

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