General Tractor Mowing Things To Consider

A wood chipper could make fast work of tree branches

In no particular order, this article will spell out a few things to consider about general tractor mowing. Whether you are starting out with a new commercial mowing services, or you are looking to purchase tractor mowing equipment, this article should provide you with information you need.

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Tractor mowing differs from normal residential mowing

Remember, back to the days as a teenager, when you made a little extra cash by mowing your neighbor’s yard?  You had the old family TORO push mower, and you put in an hour trimming up that lawn, and your neighbor paid you five or ten bucks for the job.  There was nothing professional about the job you did, but it was adequate, and relatively easy, because those old TORO’s would handle most suburban lawns with ease.

As long as the grass wasn’t too high!  If the grass was too high, you found yourself mowing it a second time.  Perhaps, even after mowing the lawn a second time, you still had clumps of grass which were not cut.  What you were experiencing then, and what you would experience now, is a reality of long, tall grass mowing: most commercial push mowers are not made to handle tall grass, and that is because of two factors: they do not have the blade rpm’s to handle tall grass, and the blades are not sharp enough to cut that tall grass.  Residential mowers are designed to handle grass or a consistent length. They are never designed to handle tall grass, say six inches or higher.

Tractor mower capabilities

A tractor mower, like the TORO 5910 or John Deere 4320, are designed to take on the tough jobs.  The both have wide-cutting swaths, up to 16-inches. They both have blades made of the toughest steel, and they both have blades sharpened to perfection.  The John Deere has seventeen gears so it can adjust to any grass height or grass texture, and the high-speed of the blades adds extra cutting performance.

Those two pieces of machinery allow us at Keith’s Tractor Mowing to be able to bid on a variety of jobs, from acreage mowing to field mowing to HOA services to highway mowing contracts.  We take on all jobs within a seventy-five mile radius of Fort Worth, and we continually deliver on a quality cut each and every time.

But if we didn’t have the proper equipment, we would be like that little kid, long ago, mowing the neighbor’s lawn for five bucks.  The proper equipment makes all the difference in the world.

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