Grounds Maintenance Contractors

baseball field grass mowing

What do grounds maintenance contractors do? Who would hire them?  How do you find the best in your area? We will look at all of those questions in this article, presented by Keith’s Tractor Mowing of Fort Worth, providing outstanding acreage mowing to Fort Worth residents, business, owners, and townships. Call us when the job is too big for the equipment or expertise you possess.

What does grounds maintenance entail?

Any, or all, of these tasks, fall within the purview of grounds maintenance contractors:

  • Lawn, hedge, tree, and other plant and landscape maintenance
  • “Planting” and maintaining artificial grasses and turf
  • Fence and gutter maintenance
  • Gardening and pest control
  • Irrigation system maintenance and repair
  • Snow clearance and grit application
  • Cleaning open spaces (picking up litter, emptying bins, etc.) and land clearing
  • Maintenance of hard, functional surfaces (like basketball and tennis courts)

Who would use grounds maintenance contractors?

Typically, grounds maintenance is called for in one of these four instances:

  • organizations with a lot of outdoor space (schools, college campuses, fitness facilities, resorts)
  • places where appearance is very important (apartment complexes, shopping centers, theme parks, hotels, zoos, botanical gardens)
  • sports fields (golf courses, football stadiums, and other similar sports locations)
  • public properties (public parks, cemeteries, memorial gardens)

And these would include the following:

  • City parks
  • Golf courses
  • Resort hotels
  • Residential neighborhoods with communal outdoor spaces
  • Cemeteries
  • Athletic fields

How do you find good grounds maintenance contractors in your area?

Finding good grounds maintenance contractors in your area is as easy as driving around and asking local organizations who does their grounds maintenance.  Ask the local parks department. Ask local hotels and golf courses.  It will take you some time to gather opinions, but that time will be well-spent, and will reap you rewards in the end.  There are quite a few grounds maintenance contractors in any city the size of Fort Worth, but there are only a very few who can be counted on to do the job correctly, the first time, and every time, at a reasonable price.

Can you do the job yourself? What is needed?

And yes, we know, it will occur to some of you reading this article, that you can do the grounds maintenance yourself, that there is no need to spend the money on professionals.

That is true in a few instances. If you have the proper equipment, and that generally includes a professional tractor mower, a brush hog attachment, and other large equipment, then it is feasibly possible that you can take on large grounds jobs, but you also need the expertise to safely operate that big equipment.  Over the long run yes, you can save money by doing large jobs yourself, but only if you can safely operate the equipment.  Saving money is not worth it if severe injury is risked.

A final word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing

If you want the job done right, first time and every time, then Keith’s Tractor Mowing is the business to call in the Fort Worth area. We invite you to ask for references, and follow up on those references. Our reputation speaks for itself when it comes to grounds maintenance.