Hire for Acreage Mowing and Actually Save Money

It seems counter-intuitive, hiring someone for acreage mowing and somehow saving money in the process . . . but it is our contention that you can, in fact, do that, and we will tell you how in this article. We are Keith’s Tractor Mowing, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with outstanding acreage lawn mowing.  When the job is too large, or too difficult, for a property owner to handle, Keith’s is the company to call for acreage mowing services..

The unique nature of acreage mowing

Acreage mowing, by definition, is mowing a lot over an acre in size.  For reference, an acre is about the size of a football field.  In the real world, most acreage mowing is done on farms and ranches, pasture land, and that means multiple acres to mow.

We begin this discussion, then, by understanding that acreage mowing cannot be done with a residential rotary mower. It is simply too large of an area to mow in that manner, meaning special equipment is needed.

Acreage mowing is costly to the property owner

So, what does that special equipment cost? A tractor mower will easily cost you over $100,000 if you purchase one, and will cost you in the neighborhood of $75 per hour to rent.  Now, a tractor mower can mow approximately fifteen acres in an hour, if all goes smoothly, but . . .

How will you transport that tractor mower to your property? Do you have an attachment like a brush hog, in case dense vegetation has grown in among the grasses?

You are easily looking at three or four hours spent renting a tractor mower, for one hour of mowing, plus the cost of transporting it . . . or a depreciated cost of purchasing one, adding to the monthly overhead on your farm or ranch.

How valuable is your time?

And then we have this question: what is your time worth? Could you be adding to the profit of your farm, or ranch, or add to the value of your home, in those three or four hours spent transporting a rental mower and using it?  And are you trained to operate a tractor mower? A brush hog?

It all adds up to this question: is it worth it for you to purchase a tractor mower, or is it worth it to you to rent on?  Or does it make practical sense to hire out the acreage mowing to a pro who has the proper equipment, a pro who is trained to operate that equipment, and a pro who will do an outstanding job each and every time, freeing you up to do the things you do best?

We cannot make that decision for you, but we are in business because many property owners realize that we can do a mowing job quickly, and correctly, in a short amount of time, saving them the hassle.

A final word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing

Keith’s Tractor Mowing is the name to remember for all manner of large commercial mowing jobs, including church mowing, pipeline mowing, cemetery mowing, right of way mowing, etc. Call us for a job quote today.