HOA Services Lawn Maintenance: Who Can You Trust?

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If you are considering hiring a lawn maintenance company for HOA services, you will want to read this article.  We will tell you how to draw up an HOA services lawn mowing contract, and how to go about hiring a lawn maintenance company which can properly execute that contract.

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What is an HOA Services contract?

HOA, for those not familiar with the abbreviation, stands for Home Owners Association, and it is the governing group of home owners in a housing development.  It is their job to create the bylaws of that housing development, bylaws and rules which all homeowners within that housing development must live by.

These bylaws can cover a myriad of subjects, from the length of your grass to the number of vehicles you may have on your property to the actual design of new homes.

An HOA services contract spells out exactly what tasks a grounds maintenance company must fulfill, and it also spells out, in detail, how those services must be performed.  For instance, one HOA might state that lawn maintenance may not be performed before 9:00 a.m., while another might state that all lawns must be mowed to a length no longer than two inches, and all borders must be edged regularly.

How do you write up an HOA services contract?

Writing up an HOA services contract is simply a matter of writing the specifics of any lawn maintenance done, once the HOA governing members have decided upon those specifics.  Usually, those specifics were determined when the home development was first created.  Once that has happened, all homes built must follow those guidelines, and the only way to change those guidelines is for the HOA governing body to vote and approve those changes.

Who should you hire for your lawn maintenance?

A lawn maintenance contract for an HOA is usually quite detailed, requiring some skill to execute.  In other words, you would never find an inexperienced mowing company tackling an HOA or, if they did, you would not see them maintain the contract for very long.  The pros truly stand out when it comes to executing an HOA contract, and that is why any HOA governing body must ask for references and must follow up and check on those references.  Usually this is a simple matter of asking other HOA governing bodies who they hire for their lawn maintenance, and would they recommend those companies for other HOA mowing jobs.

Certainly, within a couple days of diligent reference-checking, a suitable lawn maintenance company can be found and hired for your HOA service lawn maintenance job.

A final word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing

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