Lawn Mowing Contracts

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There are only a couple main points to mention regarding lawn mowing contracts, but they are important and most-definitely should be mentioned . . . so let’s do that in this article. We are Keith’s Tractor Mowing, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with quality and trusted acreage mowing.  Admittedly, small lawn mowing is not our thing, as we deal with lawns over one-acre in size, but we know the lawn mowing industry inside and out, so we feel qualified to write this article and pass along our expertise. Call us for more information, or to arrange for a job quote for your lot mowing job.

First of all, demand a lawn mowing contracts

It may seem like such a simple matter, hiring someone to mow your lawn, and in fact it should be a simple transaction . . . still, it is a business transaction, and it will cost you money, so we are going to strongly suggest that you do ask for a written contract. There are far too many “fly by night” commercial mowing services popping up in most cities, what with the economy being so shaky of late; it’s a bit like the Wild West out there, a new gunslinger in town weekly, and we think you really do need the protection a lawn mowing contract affords you.

Secondly, make sure all points are covered in the lawn mowing contracts

Sit down with the lawn mowing representative and make sure every facet of the lawn mowing service is spelled out in that contract. Are they expected to edge the lawn? Are they expected to clean-up after the service is performed? What exactly with the specified job cost? How often are they mowing your lawn?  Are there any other lawn care tasks you want performed, and will they cost extra?

Third, make sure you demand all-inclusive pricing

All-inclusive pricing means there are no surprises regarding lawn mowing prices per acre.  There are no last-minute surcharges. There are no last-minute additional charges.  The price you agree upon, the price mentioned in the lawn mowing contract, is the only price you pay when the job is completed. This may seem superfluous and one extra step you don’t need, but trust us, we’ve been doing this for a good number of years, and you need to protect yourself by demanding all-inclusive pricing in the contract.

Fourth, check on references

Please, please, please, do not hire a stranger off the street, even if they have a nice pickup truck, and they are towing a nice trailer with equipment and their company name stenciled on the side.  It’s all just window-dressing until the job is actually done, and then you, the property owner, are left with the results. Ask for references and then check on those references.  It is a sure-fire way to protect yourself against the scammers in this industry and yes, there are scammers who will promise anything but deliver far less.

A final word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing

Ask around the lawn care industry in Fort Worth, and the name Keith’s Tractor Mowing will continually be mentioned in the same breath as the words reliable and trustworthy.  Private residences, government contracts, business contracts, makes no difference, if the job is over one acre, we can handle it and handle it well. Call us when what you want is the very best in acreage mowing and brush hogging services.