HOA Services Mowing Contracts: All You Need to Know

grass cutting contracts should hold important fine print details

Bidding on HOA services for a mowing contract can be a bit confusing.  Many a professional, highly-skilled, highly-respected commercial lawn service company will shy away from bidding on an HOA contract because they can be so confusing and demanding.  In this article, we will break it all down for you, give you the important aspects to consider, so you have a fair idea what you are taking on if you should want to bid on such a contract.

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And now, all you need to know about HOA services.

Know the HOA bylaws

There are a great many commercial mowers who will stay away from HOA services like they are the plague.  Every single one of them is different, and it takes time to discover exactly what can, and what cannot, be done in an HOA.

If you are to have a chance at winning an HOA bid, you will need to take a look at the HOA bylaws, where the specifics of grounds maintenance will be spelled out in black and white.  Yes, this will take a bit of time, but it is time well-spent if you are going to land a long-term mowing contract.

Assume nothing about the HOA grounds maintenance

Ask questions, ask more questions, and when in doubt ask even more questions. HOAs will have regulations about the length of grass, the distance from the street to a flower bed, the proper method of trimming a hedge . . . it is all fair game in an HOA, where uniformity and conformity are the words of truth.  There is no room for second-guessing, or assuming, when dealing with an HOA.

When in doubt, ask to speak to the HOA director

What we are painting here, and it is intentional, is a clear picture of the detail which must go into providing HOA services.  If you want to make a living on HOA commercial lawn care contracts, then you will need to be aware that every little thing matters. It is a lot like doing code enforcement mowing for a city or county.  When in doubt, stop what you are doing and ask someone who has the answers.

The devil’s in the details

If you are a detail-oriented type of contractor, working for an HOA will be right up your alley.  If you are able to take instructions, and deliver on those instructions, you will thrive in this branch of commercial mowing.  However, if you are a “cowboy,” if you like to improvise and take shortcuts, it will be a tough road to hoe for you in the HOA field.  We do not say that to scare you away from placing HOA bids, but rather to save you the headache of making bids only to gain a reputation for not delivering on your professional promise.

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