How to Compute Pasture Mowing Cost

pasture mowing service

Let’s take a moment to discuss the computation of pasture mowing cost, or acreage mowing cost in general.  We are Keith’s Tractor Mowing, with twenty-five years of experience in pasture mowing service, so we definitely have a horse in this race and speak from a position of experience.  You can call us for more information.

Basic pricing factors

It all comes down to three figures:

  • The size of the pasture to be mowed
  • The time it takes to mow it
  • The cost charged per hour for mowing

Let’s look at all three and give you an idea of what your pasture might cost for mowing.

The size of the pasture

Pasture mowing companies will usually only take a job of an acre or more.  Keith’s Tractor Mowing is one such company.  Usually the pastures we mow are ten or more acres, but one acre is the minimum size we will tackle.

The amount of time it takes to mow it

With proper equipment, an acre can be mowed quite quickly.  At Keith’s Tractor Mowing, we use a Toro and a John Deere, both of which can mow, on average, about fifteen acres in an hour barring unseen difficulties.  Other companies, with smaller tractor mowers, will take longer for the same job.

The cost charged per hour for mowing

This price will differ depending upon where you live, and the only way to find out is to call around to acreage mowing services and ask what their hourly rate is.  Depending upon where you live, the average hourly rate, for professional acreage mowing services, might be anywhere between $25-$60 per hour.  Of course, you can find non-professionals who will do it for less, but the old adage “you get what you pay for” applies in that case.

Do the math

All that is left is to do the math. A thirty-acre pasture can, with proper equipment, be done in two or three hours. Multiply that times the cost per acre, and you have the pasture mowing cost.  There might be other costs. Some companies will charge a transportation fee for properties outside their range. Some may charge if special equipment is needed, or there are too many obstacles and the job’s time is increased.

For our example, a thirty-acre pasture will cost in the neighborhood of $1,000 to mow, give or take, depending upon the company and their fees.  Or they may just give a discounted price if the property is close to their base of operations, and the contract will be ongoing.

What you can expect from Keith’s Tractor Mowing

You can expect a competitive and fair price, based upon twenty-five years of experience.  The fact that we are based in Fort Worth, a city of decent size, means we have competition.  You are protected by that competition, forcing prices to be fairly uniform.

What you can expect is a quality job for any property within seventy-five miles of Fort Worth.  What you can expect is impressive $1,000,000 general liability insurance, so you can rest assured that Keith’s Tractor Mowing is doing the job right and your belongings and other structures are protected.

Give us a call for a pasture mowing quote.