Lawn Mowing Prices Per Acre

If you are wondering what commercial lawn mowing prices per acre are in your area, hold on tight and get ready for a confusing ride.  We will try to keep our explanation as simple as possible, but because of 2020, nothing is really all that simple.

We are Keith’s Tractor Mowing, serving the Greater Fort Worth area for over two decades, and we know a thing or two about commercial lawn mowing prices. Call us for more information and to arrange for us to visit your site and give you a price quote.

How lawn mowing prices are determined

Traditionally, and that’s an important word which we will explain later, lawn mowing prices are determined by the following factors:

  • Time to do the job
  • Difficulty of the job
  • Travel time to the job

The pricing for commercial grass cutting is bit subjective.  The person giving the quote estimates how long it will take to mow the property, and then multiplies that amount of time with a per-hour rate, say $30 or $40 per hour. Additional time is estimated if the property has trouble spots, like an area with many trees, or flower beds which require a slower pace and more care.  Additional costs will be added if the commercial lawn mowing services must travel a long distance for the job.

Having said all that, there is no way for a property owner to guess what lawn mowing prices will be, for his/her property, until a company actually gives an estimate.

Historically, you go with the flow

Prior to 2020, you could count on most commercial lawn mowing services to give a quote which was competitive with all other price quotes.  In other words, there was a price range everyone stayed within.  But 2020 brought us the pandemic, and many more people, struggling to make money, started mowing lawns to make extra money, and they quite often gave lowball price quotes.  In other words, it is quite possible to find a very large range in lawn pricing in 2020.

Oftentimes you get what you pay for

This is the only warning you will hear from us, and it is based on over twenty years in the business: beware of very low-price quotes.  Quality does not come cheap in this business.  Good lawn mowing equipment is expensive.  Knowledge of good lawnmowing techniques comes with a cost.  Yes, you can find people willing to mow your lawn at an ungodly low price, but the job they do will, most likely, reflect that low price.

Our suggestion

Check your area and get a number of price quotes.  Call neighbors and businesses and ask those property owners what they pay for a lawn service. Find out what the going rate is for professional lawn service.  Acreage lawn mowing, lot mowing, citation mowing, pipeline mowing, none of these things are inexpensive when done by a professional mowing company, but they will be done with care and according to a high standard.

Call Keith’s Tractor Mowing for a price quote on property within a seventy-five mile radius of Fort Worth.  Our reputation speaks for itself, and the price we quote you will be a fair, honest price.