Lot Clearing Cost

For all of you thinking about doing some lot clearing, lot mowing, and lot clearing cost, this article is for you.

For all of you thinking about doing some acreage mowing with a simple residential push mower, this article is definitely for you.

We are Keith’s Tractor Mowing, serving the Greater Fort Worth area, and what we know about acreage mowing services, the sheer tonnage of our knowledge about this service, would sink a battleship, so give us a call and we’ll answer any questions for you and/or arrange for a service quote for your lot mowing and clearing.

Define lot clearing

For the purpose of this article, let’s say lot clearing is any mowing job of one acre or more.  That’s about a football field in size, clearly a job too large for a power push mower.  Let’s also say that the lot to be mowed is overgrown and in need of some serious cutting.  Small bushes have sprung up i.e. blackberry, the grass is knee high, or taller, and the lot has not seen a mower in quite some time.

Equipment you will need

As stated earlier, this is not a job for a power push mower.  Those “residential” mowers are designed to mow grass a couple inches in length and nothing more. The blades are not designed to handle anything longer than that, and any vegetation other than grass will ruin those blades which, quite frankly, are not made of high-quality steel.  They are what they are, relatively inexpensive mowers designed for easy grass cutting.

No, when we are talking about lot clearing, with tall grass and other vegetation i.e. brush, you will need a tractor mower and/or a brush hog, which is an attachment for a tractor mower specifically designed to cut down brush.

A tractor mower can handle an entire acre of vegetation in less than an hour, a time impossible to match with a residential mower.  A tractor mower, and an attached brush hog, can handle blackberry bushes, tall grass, and other vegetation too tough to handle in conventional ways. The blades on a tractor mower are made of very strong steel, and the revolutions of those blades is considerably higher than on a conventional mower. They revolve around so fast that they literally overpower vegetation.

One other think you will need

Other than the proper equipment, specifically designed for lot clearing, you will need the expertise to use that equipment.  Make no mistake about it, a tractor mower and a brush hog can be, in the hands of an inexperienced property owner, dangerous pieces of equipment.  Make sure you are trained in the skills necessary for brush hogging, or hire a professional, like Keith’s Tractor Mowing, to do the job for you.  Professional lot clearing services can get the job done quickly and safely; it is money well-spent for the big jobs.

A word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing

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