Lot Clearing Services

cutting in brush

Lot clearing services involve more than removing a few trees and some brush.  If the lot clearing is for future construction, there is some precision which must be added to the mix so that the job is done correctly and will pass county/city inspections.

In this article, we will talk about the basics of lot clearing services. Information is provided by Keith’s Tractor Mowing, providing the very best in acreage mowing in the Fort Worth area. Call us when the job is simply too big for you to tackle.

The steps of lot clearing services

Lot clearing requires the following steps:

  • Walking the property to be cleared and marking it off
  • Removal of trees
  • Removal of brush
  • Removal of large rocks/boulders
  • Removal of debris/old structures
  • Grading of the property/site preparation

Let’s look at each of these briefly.

Walking the property for lot clearing services

If you are hiring out the lot clearing to a lot clearing company, you will need to walk the property and mark the exact area to be cleared.  This is not only to avoid confusion/mistakes, but also required by city and county statutes for proper permitting

Removal of trees

Just about anyone can cut down a tree with the proper equipment, but not true when it comes to felling a tree safely, and having it fall in the chosen location.  If you are planning on doing this yourself, make sure you have the skills to do so.  Felling trees is risky business and should be done by experienced professionals if at all possible.

Removal of brush

Yes, this can be done by hand. It is hard work, it is grueling work, but it can be done. It can also be done easily, and quickly, using a brush hog, an attachment pulled behind a tractor mower.

Removal of large rocks

This step may be done before the brush removal, depending upon the location and placement of the large rocks. Large boulders are incredibly heavy.  They can be moved with a strong chain and a vehicle to pull them out, but for safety we suggest the pros handle this step.  A thousand-pound rock is not something to mess around with.

Removal of debris/existing structures

Unwanted outbuildings?  Unwanted debris?  Discarded or unused fencing?  It all has to be removed so that you have a clean job site for the construction to follow.

Grading the site in preparation of construction

The land must be graded.  Sloping must be considered for proper drainage prior to construction of the building pad.  Making sure piping is installed, if needed, so there is proper runoff during heavy rains.  And, if you need the soil to be reinforced, different soil might need to be added to make sure you have a sturdy, solid base upon which to build.  This will require a paver, a backhoe, and a dump truck, not to mention the expertise to do the job properly.

Lot clearing sounds so simple, but if done properly it is not.  It requires knowledge, and it requires experience.  Ask around your area for recommendations. Check in advance to find out about lot clearing cost.

Do your homework prior to hiring a lot clearing company, and then, hopefully, the whole process will go smoothly.

A final word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing

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