Mowing Large Fields

Mowing large fields, otherwise known as lot mowing, or acreage mowing, might seems pretty straightforward to some.  You purchase a mower, you crank up the engine, and you mow the field.

Sounds very easy when simplified like that but it isn’t, and that is why so many people turn to commercial mowing services like Keith’s Tractor Mowing, serving the Greater Fort Worth area.  Give us a call and we can talk about your particular mowing needs.

Defining large fields

Generally, in this business, when someone says large field, they are talking about an acre or more.  For the purpose of this discussion, consider an acre to be approximately the size of a football field.  Consider that for a moment. Picture yourself standing on a football field, with your trusty residential power mower, getting ready to mow the field.  How long do you suppose it would take you to do so?  The average residential mower has a cutting swath of 16-inches. A football field is 53-yards wide.  That means you would have to make approximately 120 trips back and forth to completely cut that large field with a standard residential mower.

Compare that to the tractor mowers used by commercial lawn mowing services.  At Keith’s Tractor Mowing, we use a TORO tractor mower and a John Deere tractor mower. Their cutting swath/radius is 16-FEET.  That means we can mow one acre of field with ten passes of that field.  If that field is flat, and has no obstructions in the way, we can mow it in a quarter-hour using the tractor mowers.

We mention this because the cost of mowing large fields is based upon an hourly rate if you are hiring someone to mow it for you, and if you are doing it yourself, the cost is in time-spent while mowing.

The dangers of mowing large fields

We always caution people to walk the entire field before they begin mowing.  Why? Because large fields are notorious for having rocks, sticks, bottles, pieces of metal, and all other manner of objects laying under cover of the tall grass, and that means danger and/or damage to your mower.

Hit a piece of metal with a residential mower and the blades will be damaged.  Hit a large rock with a mower and that rock becomes a flying missile.

At Keith’s Tractor Mowing, we carry $1,000,000 general liability insurance, to cover us if any damage should occur.  We do this professionally, we know what we are doing, and still we insure ourselves against the possibility, the very real possibility, that damage will occur.

It’s just something to think about before you decide to tackle a large field by yourself.

Bottom line is this

At the risk of sounding self-serving, we really think the wise move to make is to call pros like Keith’s Tractor Mowing to handle your large field mowing.  We can do a professional job in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it, and we can do it safely.  You can spend your time much more wisely by taking your wife out to lunch, or playing with the kids.

Call us for a price quote.  We cover anywhere within a 75-mile radius of Fort Worth, and our decades of experience is something you can trust.