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Liability insurance for professional grass cutters

Do Professional Grass Cutters Carry Liability Insurance?

If you are considering hiring any of the professional grass cutters in your area, you will definitely want to read this article before you do so.  We are Keith’s Tractor Mowing, leading the way in the Greater Fort Worth area with quality acreage mowing. When it comes to the big mowing jobs, whether that be ranch mowing, pipeline mowing, or baseball field grass, we are the first number you should call.

Why professional grass cutters should carry liability insurance.

Should they?  In our opinion, and this is an opinion based on decades in this business, if a grass cutting company does not have general liability insurance, they do not belong in this business. Period. End of discussion.

Professional grass cutters operate heavy machinery.  A tractor mower has extremely heavy blades, and those blades revolve at a high rate of speed. When those blades hit a foreign object, that object will be hurled, and now we are talking about a potentially deadly weapon. A six ounce rock, struck by a tractor mower blade, can be thrown several hundred feet with extreme force.

It is not unheard of that a pet is killed by being stuck by a thrown object; it is not unheard of that an automobile is damaged, or the side or a home, or heaven forbid some human being. If any of those scenarios play out, liability insurance will be needed to pay for damages and/or hospital charges.

Is this a scare tactic on our part? Not at all. We are relating a reality about this business which few people are aware of, and it is why you want to hire an experienced professional and not some person out to make a little extra spending cash with a side job.

Do they all have it?

The quick answer is NO!

Some do not carry insurance at all. Some carry inadequate amounts of insurance.  And some, still, carry adequate amounts of insurance because they know exactly what we just revealed to you, that no matter how well trained you are, and no matter how careful you are, accidents will happen.

A look at Keith’s Tractor Mowing.

Keith’s Tractor Mowing, operating out of Fort Worth, Texas, carries $1,000,000 in general liability insurance, and consider this: we have extensive training and experience.  We are a trusted name among property owners, businesses, and local governments, and we still carry a maximum amount of insurance.  Our motto regarding this matter is a simple one: you cannot be too careful when operating heavy machinery.  It is why you see flag people on the roads when the county is doing roadwork.  The possibility for property damage, or physical harm, is real and quite possible.

Better safe than extremely sorry.

$1,000,000 in general liability insurance. That spells peace of mind for our customers.

A final word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing.

All you need to know about Keith’s Tractor Mowing is that we are locally owned and operated, we conduct ourselves in a professional manner, and we are a trusted name in this industry.  Our track record speaks for itself. Call us today for a price quote on any job over one acre in size.