The Dangers of Mowing Overgrown Grass

cutting tall grass during grounds maintenance

Tough economic times means trimming budgets, and one area we are seeing an uptick in that type of activity is in property maintenance, and that means many property owners are trying their hand at mowing overgrown grass on their own.

We can’t stop it from happening with one article, but we can point out the dangers of such activity, which we will do in this article. We are Keith’s Tractor Mowing, serving the Greater Fort Worth area. Whether you call us for a chat about your highly reliable commercial mowing services, or you just have a question about equipment, we invite you TO CALL US!

Now, let’s talk about the dangers of mowing overgrown grass.

Mowing high grass requires the right equipment

A standard, residential lawn mower, is not designed for mowing overgrown grass and lot mowing.  No matter how much you wish it to be, it simply cannot properly cut grass taller than six inches, and six inches is really pushing the envelope regarding the capabilities of a residential, push lawnmower.

The important factors to realize are the sharpness of the lawnmower blades and the power of the lawnmower motor.

Second-rate steel in the blades means less sharpness.  It’s just that simple.  You pay more for better blades. The same is true regarding the power of the engine.  More powerful engines means more revolutions, and more blade revolutions means a better cut.

The danger, then, of using inferior equipment is time spent, and energy expended, on a job which is destined to fail before it is ever started.  We have known people who have had lot mowing with inferior equipment which has required three or four mows before finally reaching satisfaction. That is time wasted, and it is physically demanding, both of which are not good for the property owner.

Mowing large fields requires expertise

Overgrown grass means hidden dangers and projectiles buried deep within that tall grass. Those projectiles can be thrown, literally, hundreds of feet when struck by quickly-revolving blades.  Every summer there are property owners, children, and animals injured by flying projectiles from mowers.  There are windows broken by rocks, home siding damaged by bolts and nails flung into the air.  And there are vehicles which require body work because hidden debris was hurled into side panels.

Mowing large lawns requires protection

When we say protection, we are not talking about helmets and body armor, although those are not out of the question when amateurs attempt to mow overgrown grass. We are talking about liability insurance to cover the possible damage to your home or possessions. That is why, even though we are professionals at Keith’s Tractor Mowing, we carry $1,000,000 general liability insurance. Despite our expertise, accidents happen.  If the pros at Keith’s Tractor Mowing carry that type of protection, can you imagine what you would need for protection if you tackled acreage mowing with overgrown grass?

A word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing

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