The Most Efficient Ways of Mowing Large Lawns

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The most efficient ways of mowing large lawns will, we are sorry to tell you, depend upon what your budget it.  There are quite a few options open to any property owner regarding mowing big lots, but finding the most “efficient” will depend largely upon the amount of money you have to allocate towards the mowing.  In this article, by Keith’s Tractor Mowing of Fort Worth, Texas, we will look at the various options open to you. Call Keith’s for all of your lot mowing and acreage mowing needs.

Defining lot mowing

For the purpose of this article, we will define lot mowing i.e. large lawns, as anything an acre in size or larger.  To give you perspective, that is approximately the size of a football field.  Truthfully, anything we say in this article would also apply to a lawn of a half-acre because, to most people, a half-acre would qualify as a “large lawn.”

From least efficient to most efficient

We will look at three different levels of efficiency in this article, from least-efficient to most-efficient: walk-behind residential mower, riding lawnmower, and tractor mower.

Walk-behind residential

Walk-behind residential mowers, the type most of us grew up using, are easily the least-efficient when it comes to mowing large lawns.  They have a very short cutting span, usually in the neighborhood of eighteen inches.  With a cutting swath like that, an acre of lawn, or even a half-acre of lawn, would take a homeowner 4+ hours to complete, and that is only if the mower is a mulching mower which does not require emptying a bag once it is full.

This is obviously the preferred method for anyone with very little disposable income, but it is in no way an efficient use of time.

Riding lawnmower

Riding lawnmowers have a wider cutting swath, to be sure. They are also expensive, usually costing thousands of dollars. Still, using a riding lawnmower, an acre could be mowed in two hours if there were no other interruptions to the mowing process.

The old adage “time is money” will apply here.  Considering the cost of a riding lawnmower, one would have to decide how important time is, and is it worth it to spend $5,000 for a riding lawnmower to save time.  Still, there is no doubt this method is more “efficient” than a walk-behind residential mower.

Tractor Mower

This, then, is easily the most-efficient method for mowing large lawns.  A riding mower could easily mow a half-acre, or an acre, in an hour.  Since most homeowners do not own a tractor mower, they would have to pay for the job to be done professionally, which would cost in the neighborhood of $75 or more, or they would have to invest in a tractor mower, which will cost upwards of $10,000 or more.

Still, if cost is not a factor, there is no doubt the tractor mower is the best option of the three available to any homeowner/property owner.

A final word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing

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