Mowing Large Lawns

mowing large lawns with professional grass cutters

Mowing large lawns and mowing high grass can certainly be done by the property owner.  Of course, “large” is a point of some debate.  Here in Fort Worth, Texas, where we do business (Keith’s Tractor Mowing), large can be defined as anything over an acre. Instead of calling an acre “mowing large lawns,” we call it lot mowing or acreage mowing.

So mowing an acre is something a property owner would have to grapple with.  It gives options, you know?  Do you tackle the job yourself, with a residential mower, or do you hand off the job to a commercial mowing services, pay a little extra, but have the job done much quicker?

Let’s look at the pros and cons of each and, of course, you can call us for more information at (817) 991-4318.

Mowing it yourself pros

Without a doubt, the biggest benefit of mowing large lawns yourself is that you save money.  Acreage mowing services will charge between $25-$60 per hour, depending upon the difficulty of the job, how long it will take to do it, and the amount of mowing competition in your city.  If you are tight on money, mowing it yourself is really the only option you have. Get yourself a dependable residential mower, or cough up the cash for a riding mower, and spend an afternoon each week communing with nature.

Mowing it yourself cons

Two major cons to doing it yourself: the time involved and the cost of equipment.  Depending upon the type of residential mower you have, an acre of lawn can take you between three-six hours to mow. That’s a serious commitment weekly.

The other problem is the cost of equipment.  If you buy a small, gas-powered “push” mower, mowing an acre of land will wear that mower out by the end of the first summer, so you’ll be buying one again sooner rather than later.  And if you plan on buying a riding mower, plan on a cash outlay of a couple thousand dollars – and still you will have repairs needed by the second season of mowing.

Commercial lawn mowing services pros

The pro arguments for hiring a commercial lawn mowing service should be obvious.  You will have professionals doing the job for you.  You will have that time to do something fun instead of using it for mowing.  And if there are problems, the mowing company will have general liability to handle any accidents or damage.

Commercial lawn mowing services cons

The cost! This is the drawback for many.  Still, using a company like Keith’s Tractor Mowing to do an acre of lawn, that’s one hour or less of work.  Let’s say you are charged $40 for the job, once a week. That’s $160 per month, no wear and tear on your equipment, and no wear and tear on you.  So is that really a con?

A word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing

Twenty-five years of experience in the Fort Worth area – locally owned and operated – highly trusted by private property owners as well as local governments – carries $1,000,000 general liability insurance – these are just some of the reasons why Keith’s Tractor Mowing is the first call Tarrant County residents make when the mowing job is too large or too difficult for them to handle.