Three Things You Must Know About Acreage Mowing Services

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You are considering hiring one of the many acreage mowing services in your area. There are quite a few to choose from, and the array of choices is daunting. Truth be told, most people know very little about the acreage mowing business. They ask about price, they compare prices, and they base their decision on that criteria.

But there are three things we think you should know before hiring a lot mowing, or acreage mowing, service, and we will talk about those three things in this article. We are Keith’s Tractor Mowing, serving the Greater Fort Worth area for over twenty years. Call us with your questions and to arrange for a price quote for your job.

Three things to investigate

The three things about acreage lawn mowing we want to talk about today are the following:

  • Experience
  • Protection
  • Equipment

Let’s look at each of these in a bit more detail

Experience counts

There has been a proliferation of acreage mowing services in recent years.  They are sprouting up like bluebells on the Texas landscape, just as they are in all sections of the United States. Anyone with a mower is taking on mowing jobs as a way to make some spare money. That’s all well and good. We certainly understand the need to make some extra cash to help with the paying for bills.

But acreage mowing calls for experience.  It is a far different task to mow ten acres than it is to mow a residential lawn.  If you want your acreage job done right, you really need to check out the experience of the mowing companies you are inquiring about.

How do you do that? Ask the Better Business Bureau. Ask other acreage owners who does their acreage mowing.  Yes, this will take some time, but in the end you will choose a mowing company which actually knows how to mow your acreage.  Promises are cheap; experience is earned!

Are you protected?

Keith’s Tractor Mowing carries $1,000,000 general liability insurance for every single job we do. Why?  Acreage mowing means tractor mowers and brush hogs.  It means large equipment with large mowing blades moving at high rates of speed. It means projectiles thrown hundreds of feet.  It means potential damage, and you want protection from that damage.

If the mowing company you want to hire does not carry general liability insurance, do not hire them. Period! End of story!

The right equipment for the job you want completed

An acreage tractor mower can mow multiple acres in less than an hour.  Since you are paying a price quote based on the number of hours the job takes, this is an important consideration.  If you want multiple acres mowed, you want a company with a tractor mower.  Do not settle for less, or you will pay dearly for the mistake.

A word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing

For over twenty years, Keith’s Tractor Mowing has served the Fort Worth area with distinction. We are well-known as a company that delivers a quality job at a fair price. Will you find someone who will do the job cheaper than Keith’s? Yes! Will you find someone who will do the job better than Keith’s Tractor Mowing?


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