Tips for Mowing Large Lawns

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If you have ever tried to mow a large lawn, or small tract of acreage, these tips for mowing large lawns is for you.

We are Keith’s Tractor Mowing, serving the Greater Fort Worth area, and after over twenty years in this residential and commercial mowing services, we know a thing or two about lot mowing, acreage mowing, and large lawn mowing. Call us for more information.

Valuable tips for acreage lawn mowing

Let’s cover the basics you should know before you tackle that large lawn or acreage.

Have the right equipment

The name of this article is “tips for mowing large lawns.” We are basically talking lawns of a quarter-acre or larger, a good-sized residential lot, or a country estate.  The size of a large lot separates it from mowing small lawns you would find in most HOA’s.  Large lawns require large mowers.  For all of our jobs we at Keith’s Tractor Mowing either use a TORO or a John Deere tractor mower. These mowers can mow up to sixteen acres in an hour. They have blades made of the sharpest steel, and those blades are razor sharp and capable of taking on the tallest grass.  We literally can mow a large lawn in a matter of a half-hour or less, depending upon the obstacles we would have to work around.

Compare that to mowing with a residential push-mower, or gas-powered mower.  A large lawn of an acre or more, the size of a football field or more, would take the average homeowner a couple of hours to mow each acre, and then chances are the cut would be uneven and require another cut.

Clear the land to be mowed

There are hidden dangers on any large lot mowing job, dangers which come in the form of rocks and sticks and pieces of discarded metal. They all must be picked up to avoid damage to you, to your mower, and to your surrounding property. Even though lawn-mowing is something we all grew up doing, mowing a large lawn is exponentially more dangerous because of the possibility for injury and/or damage.

Wear protective clothing

Goggles are a must!  If you don’t have a good pair of goggles, go get some. Gloves should be worn at all times mowing.  Long pants, strong boots or steel-toed shoes, and no loose clothing which could be caught accidentally in the blades of the mower.

Plan on making a day of it

If you use a residential mower, the type you would buy at Home Depot, with as cutting swath of two feet maximum, plan on spending the better part of a Saturday afternoon mowing your lawn.  There is no way you can do it faster than that.  Hey, if mowing is a Zen-like experience for you, and you love spending that much time doing that task, we wish you well.

Or you can hire the professionals at Keith’s Tractor Mowing, and turn the big dogs loose on that large lawn. We serve all of the Fort Worth area, and we only take on the big jobs, one-acre or larger.  Yes, we are more expensive than if you did the job, but we are also faster, safer, and covered by $1,000,000 general liability insurance.

Call the pros at Keith’s Tractor Mowing for those really big jobs.  Allow us to free you up for more enjoyable pursuits.