What is Acreage Lawn Care? What You Should Know.

acreage mowing

Is acreage lawn care different from normal lawn care? If so, how does it differ, and what does that mean to you, the customer, when you hire a lawn maintenance company?

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What is acreage lawn care?

The word “acreage” is the first we need to look at. It simply means the job is over one acre in size.  It might surprise some of you that not all grass cutting companies will take on jobs that large, and that really relates to the reason for this article.

The second part of that phrase, “lawn care,” implies more than just mowing.  It usually includes fertilizing, edging, weed control, those specific duties which are not always included in simple acreage lawn mowing.

We make this distinction so that you are aware before you sign a lawn mowing contracts  In other words, read the contract closely to make sure there are no misunderstandings regarding what will be done on your property.

How does acreage lawn care differ from regular residential lawn care?

The key to acreage lawn care is the equipment which will be used.  An acre, for those having a hard time envisioning one, is about the size of a football field.  One does not mow a football field with a walk-behind push mower.  Only a tractor mower will do for a job that big, a tractor mower which can easily handle up to fifteen acres in an hour.  Time is money, and you will want a tractor mower taking on that acreage of yours, since you are paying for the hours required for your job.

In addition, will there be other vegetation other than grass which needs to be mowed, like berry bushes and other scrub vegetation? If so, most likely a brush hog, which is a tractor attachment, will be needed.

What you, the customer, needs to look for.

Simply stated, beware of what you are signing when you sign a contract.  There is absolutely no rush in signing a lawn maintenance contract. Take your time, get comfortable, and read everything in that contract.  When finished reading, you should know the total cost, what that cost is based on, what tasks will be performed, etc.

But wait!  We do not suggest you sign the first contract you see. We suggest you gather up three or four job quotes and follow the same process with each of them.  Only then will you be able to make an informed decision regarding acreage lawn care.

A final word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing.

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