What You Need To Know About Pasture Shredding

pasture shredding

What is pasture shredding? What are its benefits? Can every rancher and farmer benefit from pasture shredding? And who is trained to perform pasture shredding properly?  We will answer those questions in this article by Keith’s Tractor Mowing, outstanding acreage mowing and land clearing pros, serving the Greater Fort Worth.  When the job you need done requires the best in the Fort Worth area, call Keith’s Tractor Mowing.

What is pasture shredding?

Pasture shredding generally refers to the act of cutting back pasture grasses and other vegetation to six or eight inches, when needed. This is usually performed sometime during the growing season and then in the fall at the end of growing season.

What are the benefits of pasture shredding?

There are several benefits to pasture shredding.  It has been found that pasture shredding actually prevents the growth of weeds better than the harmful fertilizers currently sold on the market. In addition, the shredded pasture grasses help to fertilize the soil, cut back on the rodent infestation, and promotes a healthier grass growth year after year.  Just in the same way that a fallen log serves as a nurse log for new growth in the forest, shredded grasses serve as nourishment for depleted soils, promoting new growth.

Can all ranches and farms benefit from it?

We cannot claim to be soil experts, but we can repeat what we have been told by soil experts, and they tell us that 99.9% of ranches and farms will benefit from pasture shredding. Why not 100%? Because the same experts always leave a little room for the chaos theory, which basically means that Mother Nature will find a way to muck up the works and refuses to follow absolute truths and laws.

Who is trained to properly perform this important task?

Now we delve into some pretty controversial stuff.  Ask any farmer/rancher, and they will tell you that they are perfectly capable of pasture shredding, that they ca handle a tractor mower just fine, thank you, and it doesn’t take any college degree to cut grass.

All true! Anyone trained on a tractor mower, and perhaps even a brushhog, is capable of pasture shredding. The question is not if you can do it; the question is do you have the time to do it?

What is your time worth?  An acreage mowing expert can do about fifteen acres in an hour.  If you have sixty acres pasture to shred, that’s four hours worth of your valuable time.  Do you take the time to do that, or is it worth the money to hire someone like Keith’s Tractor Mowing, leaving you do do more important things?

We cannot answer that question about pasture mowing cost for you without sounding a bit self-serving.

A final word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing

The benefits of pasture shredding are irrefutable. The only question which remains is do you have the time to do it, or do you hire the pros like Keith’s Tractor Mowing. Call us if you live in the Greater Fort Worth area. We will get the job done right.