Why Acreage Lawn Care Must Carry General Liability Insurance

mowing overgrown grass

We know a thing or two about acreage lawn care and acreage mowing, and today we want to talk about the need for general liability insurance when hiring a lawn care professional to handle your big job.

We are Keith’s Tractor Mowing, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with outstanding acreage mowing. When the job is too big for you, property owners in Tarrant County call Keith’s Tractor Mowing, a trusted name in the lawn care business.  Call us today!

What does general liability insurance cover in acreage lawn care?

A general liability insurance policy — also known as business liability insurance — protects businesses from claims that result from normal business operations. Business liability insurance policy for protection from bodily injuries, medical payments, advertising injuries, and more.

Why it is important in the acreage lawn care industry

Acreage mowing and lot mowing and land clearing services require the use of large machinery, machinery with large, powerful blades of steel, machinery with the capability to fling heavy projectiles hundreds of feet at very fast speeds.

A tractor mower, a brush hog, and other mowing and clearing machinery are accidents waiting to happen in the hands of an amateur, but also, in the hands of a professional company, like Keith’s Tractor Mowing, with highly-trained machinery operators, accidents can happen.  Despite the greatest of precautions, a hidden rock can be struck by powerful blades, and that rock can damage an out-building, or a home, or worse, that rock can cause physical harm to a person on the premises.

General liability insurance protects the lawn mowing service, and it protects the property owner, ensuring that they will be covered should damage, or injury, occurs.

What we carry at Keith’s Tractor Mowing

Keith’s Tractor Mowing carries $1,000,000 general liability insurance on ever job we perform, despite the fact that we are highly-trained, highly-experienced, and a trusted name in this industry.  Yes, the insurance is costly, and no, not every company can afford to carry so much insurance, but at Keith’s, we would rather make sure everyone is protected financially, should an accident happen.  We just think it makes good business sense.

A final word about general liability insurance and acreage lawn care

Let this article serve as a warning to property owners near and far.  If you are hiring an acreage lawn care service, make sure they carry general liability insurance.  Ask them about it.  Ask to see proof of that insurance.  The ramifications of not having general liability insurance are too great, so in the strongest of words, we absolutely believe this is a game-changer when hiring a lawn care company.

A final word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing

Keith’s Tractor Mowing is a trusted name in the Greater Fort Worth area, and has been for a long, long time now. City officials trust us to handle their right-of-way mowing, their roadside mowing, etc.  Companies trust us with their property mowing.  Pipeline companies trust us with their pipeline mowing.  City parks, large ranches, cemeteries, and hospitals, all have found that Keith’s Tractor Mowing is the name to remember when the job is too big to be handled by amateurs.