Winter Mowing is Crucial for Baseball Field Grass

commercial grass cutting

We have probably all seen someone on a tractor mower, mowing baseball field grass on a hot summer day.  It’s one of those fond memories that are etched in your memories, a Currier & Ives vision that screams AMERICA and brings nostalgic responses.

Truth is, though, that the best time to mow baseball field grass is in the winter, and we are going to tell you why in this article by Keith’s Tractor Mowing, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with professional, never-in-doubt acreage mowing.  Call Keith’s when it is important that the job be done correctly the first time, every time.

Mowing baseball field grass in the summer is nice . . .

Summer is baseball time, of course, so it stands to reason that baseball field grass must be mowed regularly during the playing season. The infield must be mowed short, the outfield grass must be mowed short, the grass must be kept green despite continual use, and the divots made by spikes need to be repaired.  This is all a no-brainer, and the more important the baseball field, the more importance there is that the job be done by professional grass cutters.  In other words, an adult softball field, used for recreational use only, might need one level of professional, commercial lawn maintenance, but a baseball diamond used by a professional AA team would need a specialist with extensive training and experience.

The importance, then, of mowing during the summer is simply to prepare the grass for the summer use, and to maintain a level of quality so that it continues to look good during the season.

Winter mowing, however, is all about the health and long-term use of the baseball field.

Mowing baseball field grass in the winter is necessary

Other than mowing for curb appeal, winter mowing benefits the lawn in more important ways.

Winter mowing keeps weeds from growing.  Only in the most severe temperatures does your lawn actually stop growing. In temps about -5C, grass continues to grow, as do weeds, albeit a bit slower.  Continual mowing prevents the weeds for growing and establishing themselves.

Winter mowing prevents runoff from heavy rains.  Low grass means less surface area, which means it takes rain less time to evaporate and to soak into the soil.

And, finally, keeping the grass low is good for the soil. A shorter lawn exposes the soil to sun and air, which leads to photosynthesis, which leads to more oxygen soaking into the soil. In addition, grass clippings, left on the baseball grass, will decompose and release nutrients, providing a sort of natural fertilizer, which leads to a healthier lawn in the springtime when the familiar “PLAY BALL” is heard across this great country.

And then, of course, there is the lawn maintenance

The mowing, partnered with proper lawn maintenance, like the use of natural fertilizers, will have your baseball field grass looking fantastic in April when kids are oiling their gloves, and Mom’s are mending holes in the uniforms.

A final word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing

Keith’s Tractor Mowing has been a trusted name in the Fort Worth area for many years, and that trust has been gained by a professional approach to any large mowing job, whether it be pipeline mowing, HOA mowing, church mowing, or cemetery mowing.  Remember, when the job is just too big for a store-bought push mower, Keith’s Tractor Mowing is the name to remember in Tarrant County.