Wood Chipper Safety Precautions

wood chipper safety precautions

If you are planning on operating a wood chipper in the near future, we strongly recommend that you read this article. We will provide you with the safety precautions you need to take in order to avoid serious injury and/or death.

Exaggeration? We think not, and we have the experience to back up our claims. We are Keith’s Tractor Mowing, the name to call for acreage mowing and brush hogging services in the Greater Fort Worth area. Call us the next time the job is too large for you to do, but it needs to be done correctly.

Okay, let’s get down to the nitty gritty, and talk about safety precautions and wood chippers.

Wood chipper Tip #1

Wear loose clothing.  Wear protective gear, including goggles, gloves, and boots.  The most common injury regarding wood chippers are either a sleeve getting caught in the chipper, pulling the operator’s arm with it, or eye injuries as chips are thrown at the operator.

Wood chipper tip #2

Know the machine you are about to operate. We know, this sounds incredible, but every week homeowners go to farm implement store, rent a wood chipper, take it home, start it up, and start feeding branches into it . . . without having a clue how to actually operate the machine.

Please, read up on proper machine operation. You can find a YouTube video on just about every topic known to man, including wood chippers. Learn first before you turn that machine on.

Other miscellaneous, and very important, information

Inspect the machine before operation. Make sure there are no foreign objects stuck in the blades. Make sure the guards are properly aligned, preventing a thrown object from striking you.

Operate the machine with someone else present; that way, if there is an accident, you will have someone nearby who can assist you and get you the medical care you will need.

Use a long stick, or branch, to push other vegetation into the wood chipper. Never, ever, push anything into the wood chipper with your hands. We know how amazing it sounds that we need to remind people not to push things in with their hands, but ask an emergency ward nurse, or doctor, how many injuries they have treated from improper use of a wood chipper.

And, finally, place the wood chipper on a level area and make sure the brakes are engaged.

Have we covered everything? Probably not, but these are the main areas of concern when property owners tackle jobs like this.  If we had our way, even though this may sound self-serving, all property owners would hire a professional to handle the wood-chipping duties.

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