Are Brush Mowing Services Worth the Money?

cutting in brush

In this article, we will tell you what brush mowing services are, what you can plan on paying for them, and answer the question whether they are worth the money or not.

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What are brush mowing services?

Brush mowing services are exactly what they sound like, the mowing, or cutting, of brush.  Think weed-whacking on steroids, if you need a fitting image.  Usually, this type of work is done using a brush hog, a giant attachment which attaches to a tractor.  It has blades made of the toughest steel, blades which are flexible in design so they will reflex to a changing landscape, and the blades will cut at extremely high speeds. Thus, they can take on the toughest of vegetation, from blackberry bushes to small saplings.

What will you pay for brush mowing services?

This is a question often asked, but it is also the hardest question to answer in an article like this one.  Brush mowing, like acreage mowing services, are usually priced according to an hourly rate, but there are other factors in play, as well as location affecting the price.

A brush mower can usually mow does a few acres in an hour, say five or six, on average, and the hourly rate for such work is generally in the $75-$100 per hour range. However, that rate may not be true in Dallas, or it may not be true in Charleston.  Different areas have their own established pay rates, so the best we can tell you is to shop around, call several companies, and you will quickly discover what the going rate is for your area.

Ask around about the leading companies. Get quotes from each of them.  Determine which of them best fits your needs.  And then make the decision.

Are they worth the money you will pay?

It is impossible for us to answer this question. Only you, the property owner, can do so.  We can tell you that operating a tractor mower, or a brush hog, requires training and skill.  They are not something you rent from Home Depot and instantly start operating, even though that approach would definitely save you money.

Our recommendation, at the risk of sounding self-serving, is this: if you are in the least bit doubtful about your ability to operate this type of equipment, we suggest you hire a professional.  It simply is not worth the risk of a major injury, which this type of equipment can cause if not operated correctly.

A final word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing.

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