Commercial Grass Cutting Rates

The first thing we are going to tell you, in this article, about commercial grass cutting rates is that there is no industry standard regarding pricing.  All we can do is tell you what we know about commercial grass cutting rates, how those rates are usually arrived at, and what that means to you if you are thinking about hiring a commercial lawn mowing services.

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How are commercial grass cutting rates determined?

Commercial grass cutting, also known as commercial lawn maintenance, is essentially an unregulated industry.  Commercial lawn mowing prices are determined by the individual companies. They determine the amount of time a particular job will take them to finish. They determine the travel costs to that job, the wages paid to finish the job, and some even factor in the transportation costs of special commercial mowers like tractors for the job.  All of those expenses are totaled and a rate is determined.

Having said all that, supply and demand certainly enters into the pricing picture as well.  If there are five commercial companies bidding for a job, and four of them are in the $500 range, while one sits at $800, it is fairly easy to predict which of the five will definitely not win the job bid.  Competition in any industry is the best safeguard that insures that citizens are being quoted a fair price for any service provided.

How you should approach hiring from so many commercial grass cutting companies

The process for hiring a commercial lawn mowing service is a bit tedious at first, but it is worth it in the final analysis.

First, obtain job quotes from a number of companies.  While that is being accomplished, ask for references of past jobs done by each company, and ask for a detailed list of services which are included in that price quote.

Second, follow-up on those references.  Make the phone calls and ask if those people/business owners were happy with the lawn mowing done for them.  Ask if they would recommend them to another company, or if there were any problems with those mowing companies.

Third, narrow your search down to two companies, and then make your decision based on price plus the overall feelings about them.  Make sure each of them carries general liability insurance for every job.

Four, make the decision and hire the commercial lawn mowing services you feel best about.

Follow those steps and you should find a company which can be trusted to do the job right at a fair price which fits your operational budget.

A word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing

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