Cutting High Grass Do’s and Don’ts

cutting in brush

Before you decide that cutting high grass, on your own, is a good idea, we suggest you read this article. We are Keith’s Tractor Mowing, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with acreage mowing, lot mowing, and all other mowing jobs one acre or larger. Call us to arrange for a job quote within seventy-five miles of Fort Worth.

Now, the do’s and don’ts of cutting long grass.

Cutting high grass requires safety precautions.

Check the statistics; the number of mowing-related injuries in the United States is staggering.  Weekend warriors head out into the tall grass, intent upon defeating Mother Nature, and end up in the emergency ward.

If you are intent on mowing tall grass, the very first thing you must do, before starting up the mower or anything else you deem important, is to walk the property to be mowed and pick up anything buried in the tall grass i.e. stones, sticks, metals, toys, balls, etc.  Those buried items are trouble for two reasons: One, they are dangerous projectiles if hit by rotating blades; two, they are very capable of ruining your blades or ruining the engine of your cutting equipment.

While on the topic of safety precautions, we highly recommend, and we can’t say this forcibly enough, that you wear safety goggles when operating lawn equipment.  A small wood chip, hit by blades rotating several hundred miles per hour, can permanently blind a person, and that is not meant as a scare tactic. It is fact!

Cutting high grass requires training and proper equipment

Cutting high grass requires a mower with hard blades and serious revolutions; in other words, it requires a tractor mower.  Cutting brush requires the same, designed for brush, as in a bush hog.  Do you know how to operate either of those pieces of equipment? If not, get training or, in our opinion, you should not attempt it.

Again, this is not a scare tactic. Check the statistics.

When in doubt, hire a pro.

Now that we have your attention, it is time to get serious about cutting tall grass, and that means considering hiring a professional, commercial lawn mowing service.  Companies like our own Keith’s Tractor Mowing use tractor mowers, brush hogs, and other attachments which are designed for the tough jobs. They have the training necessary to do the job properly.  And, the real pros carry liability insurance, so no matter what may happen, the property owner is protected.

The cost?  Commercial grass cutting rates depend upon the size of the job; the industry average is approximately $75 per hour, but that may vary wildly depending upon the city you live in.  Is your job worth $75 per hour to you? We can’t answer that question, but you also have to ask what a visit to the emergency room will cost, in order to do a proper cost analysis.

A final word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing

Keith’s Tractor Mowing is a respected name in the commercial mowing industry of Fort Worth, Texas, trusted by homeowners, property owners, municipalities, pipeline companies, and other entities.  Call us today for a job quote you can feel good about.