Do You Need Citation Mowing?

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What is citation mowing and what should you do if you are cited? We will tackle those two questions in this article by Keith’s Tractor Mowing, a trusted name in the Fort Worth area for acreage mowing, pipeline mowing, ranch and field mowing, and all other mowing jobs over an acre in size.  Call us today for a fair and affordable quote.

What is citation mowing?

The term “citation mowing” refers to a person, or business, being cited for having grass which is too long and unsightly.  The citation can be issued by a Home Owners’ Association, or by a community governing board, as in a city, or county, government agency.

Generally, the first citation comes in the form of a warning.  You will be given an x number of days to comply with the standards expected of you. If you do not comply within that time frame, you will be issued a monetary penalty.  In rare cases, even the monetary penalty does not force compliance, in which case it is possible that you could ultimately lose your property or be evicted from the community group for non-compliance.

It is best to nip this situation in the bud immediately.

Do you need citation mowing?

If you find yourself with a citation, you really only have three options: you can either comply yourself and mow that grass in question, you can hire someone else to comply for you i.e. a grass cutting business or you can ignore the citation and suffer the consequences.

We do not suggest you choose #3.

Many property owners are fully capable of compliance by doing the work themselves, but there are some who simply do not have the proper equipment to mow long grass, or are infirmed and unable to physically handle the problem, in which case they will need to call in the professionals.

Who do you call for this situation?

Finding commercial lawn mowing services is not difficult, no matter where you live.  Finding a reliable lawn mowing service is a bit more difficult.

You can ask around; maybe your friends have used a service in the past and know of a good commercial or residential mowing company.  You can call the Better Business Bureau to find out which companies have received good ratings.

Whomever you call, make sure you ask for references and that you follow up on those references.  Remember, you are trying to comply to a citation, and the consequences of not complying will be costly, so it’s important that you find a lawn mowing service which is highly-rated and has experience in citation mowing.

Of course, the best plan of attack for the future . . . keep that grass mowed on a regular basis.

A final word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing.

Keith’s Tractor Mowing is locally owned and operated, a trusted name commercially, residentially, with businesses, and with governments.  For any mowing job requiring the use of a tractor mower and/or a brush hog, Keith’s is the name Fort Worth residents equate with excellence in the mowing industry.