Field Mowing Prices

Do you have some field mowing that needs to be done; you are wondering about field mowing prices which will be charged? Read this article before you sign a field mowing services contract.  It just might save you some money for that field mowing job.

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What is considered field mowing?

Generally speaking, field mowing is acreage mowing, and it is usually considered any mowing job over one acre in size.  Acreage mowing, or field mowing, is usually done with an acreage tractor.  Any mower smaller than a tractor will take too long to do the job, and time is money in lot mowing of this size.

And that is the first major point to be considered: when looking at field mowing companies, make sure they have the proper equipment, namely a tractor mower capable of doing the job quickly, efficiently, and safely.  In addition to the acreage tractor, the company should also have access to a brush hog, an attachment to the tractor which is capable of handling dense undergrowth like blackberry bushes.

Those are the two essential pieces of equipment for any field mowing to be done, and any commercial mowing services which does not have those two pieces of equipment should not be considered for any field mowing you need done.

One other word of caution: make sure that any commercial mowing services you contract with carries liability insurance.  Any job requiring heavy equipment should carry insurance. Accidents happen in large mowing job.  Objects are flung distances by tractor mowers, and those objects could possibly cause damage to outbuildings you have on your property. Make sure you are financially-protected by not only your property insurance company but by the commercial mowers you hire.

How are field mowing prices determined?

In almost all instances, field mowing prices are determined by the length of time it takes to do the job.  In other words, you are charged by the hour.  A quality tractor mower can mow upwards of ten-to-fifteen acres in an hour if there are no obstructions.  In addition, if there is extra travel time involved for out-of-the-way fields, there might be a surcharge for traveling time.

What are fair field mowing prices?

Fair field mowing prices are determined by the area you live in. What will the market bare?  Call a couple commercial mowing companies in your area, ask for a quote, and find the average price quote among them. That is the fair field mowing price for your area.

A word of warning: always beware of prices which are considerably lower than the market average.  Field mowing is an instance where you get what you pay for, and quality mowing services will not come ultra-cheap no matter where you live.

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