Grass Cutting Contractors

mowing overgrown grass

The rise of grass cutting contractors

Has anyone noticed, that since COVID became a household word, there has been a huge influx on the market of grass cutting contractors?  Take a walk through practically any neighborhood, most definitely through any HOA, and you are likely to find some grass cutting companies towing trailers filled with grass cutting equipment, all looking to give you commercial lawn care bids. Usually, they have signs on the truck saying “Bob’s Lawn Care,” or “A1 Lawn Care.” They look professional; they act professional; and they have “professional” equipment.

But how qualified are they?

We are Keith’s Tractor Mowing, and we’ve been providing quality acreage mowing and lot mowing in the Fort Worth area for quite a few years.  We didn’t just pop up on the scene during tough economic times, claiming to be the best. We’ve been here for a long time, proving that we are the best. Call us at your leisure and ask us about commercial lawn mowing rates over an acre.

So, obviously, not all of these new grass cutting contractors are what they say they are, so how can you, the homeowner, tell who has the ability and who is just stringing you along with a song and a dance?

Check the commercial mowers they use

You can tell a lot about a commercial mowing company from the equipment they use.  Do the mowers look tired and heavily-used?  Are the blades sharp?  A true professional in this business takes proper care of their equipment, for without properly-functioning equipment, the job they do will be substandard.

And, do they have the equipment to match the job.  For mowing jobs of an acre or more, only those companies using a tractor mower are worth talking about.  Since you are paying by the hour for the lawn cutting services, you want that service to use a tractor mower which can make short work of any job, no matter how large that job may be.

Check on references

Not only should you ask for references, but you should follow-up on those references as well. Call up former customers and ask their opinion of the mowing company they hired.  It will not take long to gain insight into the qualifications of any commercial mowing company.

Drive around, ask around

Do a little field work. Drive around. Drive through HOAs and ask which company does their mowing for them.  Quality shows. Always will.  You can trust quality.  Look for it in other cuts, and you can trust the company which did it in the past.

Always trust longevity

Listen, times are tough with the economy. That’s why you see so many grass cutting companies currently; it’s an easy business to get into if you have a truck, trailer, and lawn mower.  There is no regulation in the industry.  Obtain a business license, slap a sign on your truck, and you are what you say you are . . . except the really good companies are what they have said they are for a very long time.  You can fake it for the short period; faking it for years is almost impossible in this highly-competitive field.

A final word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing

There is no faking it with Keith’s Tractor Mowing.  Call our former customers. We have done HOA work, we have done acreage mowing for some of the bigger farmers in the area; we have done pipeline mowing and citation mowing.  We exist, and thrive, on word-of-mouth, satisfied customers telling new customers.

And that’s the kind of reassurance you want from grass cutting contractors.