Grass Cutting Companies

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Grass cutting companies, otherwise known as commercial grass cutting companies, come in two sizes: small and extra-large.  This article will help you to decide which size you need, what you can expect to pay, and how to choose the very best for your situation.

We are Keith’s Tractor Mowing, grass cutting business serving the Fort Worth, Texas, area with quality acreage mowing. Call us when the job is big and it needs to be done correctly, first time and every time.

The two sizes of grass cutting companies

Generally speaking, grass cutting companies come in two sizes: you can hire the residential companies which make their living mowing individual lawns for individual homes, or you can hire the acreage mowing companies which specialize in mowing large areas, an acre or more in size.  Rarely do you find a grass cutting company which does both, and it is our recommendation that you hire a company which specializes in the property size you own.

Which do you need?

Think residential vs acreage.  A company like our own Keith’s Tractor Mowing specializes in large jobs of an acre or more, and that is because our equipment is better suited for large area.   Our tractor mower and our brush hog are large, and they mow/cut areas at a rate of ten acres or more per hour.  Companies which specialize in residential properties have smaller equipment, either a walk-behind mower or a riding lawnmower, capable of mowing residential lawns on a small scale.

What can you expect to pay for commercial lawn cutting?

Most mowing companies charge by the size of the job, and in most cases the charge is by the hour with an hour-minimum required. A small lawn can be handled quite nicely by a walk-behind mower, completed in an hour, leaving the property owner with a bill in the $50-$100 range per cut.  Please note, any mention of cost is dependent upon particular areas and the going rate in those areas. The Laws of Supply & Demand are in play here, establishing the market cost, and it can differ from city to city.

For larger jobs again, you are looking at a set rate per acre, or a set rate per hour, with an acre usually costing in the $75 range, give or take, depending on the city you live in.  Larger machinery is expensive, as is the transportation of that larger machinery, so generally-speaking, the larger the property the larger your mowing expense.

How to choose from among so many grass cutting businesses?

Here’s where it gets tricky for property owners. It seems like, overnight, a new lawn cutting company is born in every city.  Anyone with a lawn mower can call themselves a business. All they need is a business license and some business cards. There is no regulatory agency devoted to grass cutting, so it truly is a buyer beware industry.

How to find the best of the best? Ask around! Word of mouth is still the most reliable indicator of good businesses vs bad businesses.  Ask your neighbors who they hire, or ask local farms and ranches who cuts their acreage.  It won’t take you long to come up with a business name which is reliable and trustworthy.

A final word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing

And “reliable and trustworthy” perfectly describes Keith’s Tractor Mowing, a trusted name in the Fort Worth area.  Call us for any job over one acre, within seventy-five miles of downtown Fort Worth. We have the equipment to make a big job seem small, and we will do the job right, first time and every time.