Grass Cutting Contracts

grass cutting contracts

There is so much that can be written about grass cutting contracts, from the point of view of potential customers to the point of view of commercial lawn mowing services to commercial grass cutting rates.

Rather than tackle any of those topics, though, this article will take a look at an aspect of grass cutting contracts which affect all parties, namely clear communication.

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Now, let’s talk about communication.

Confusion can quickly get out of hand with grass cutting contracts

The problem with grass cutting contracts is that they rarely deal only with grass cutting.  Many commercial lawn cutting companies are also landscaping companies, or “lawn care” companies, and as such they deal, not only with grass cutting, but also lawn edging, lawn health care, weed control, installation of lawns, and even ranging into flowerbed care.

Even the single act of grass cutting is ripe for mis-communication.  Do you want the lawn to look like a putting green on a golf course, or do you want it cut uniformly at two inches?  And how often do you want it cut? Once per week? Once per month?

The only way to avoid any of this confusion and misunderstanding is for a face-to-face meeting between customer and company owner, at which time specific needs are communicated, and agreement is clearly detailed in a written contract to avoid any confusion.

Communication from the customer

Every single customer is different, as are their desires/needs with regards to their lawn.  They may not think they are particularly unique, but they are.  A customer may say to mow their lawn twice-monthly, but how long do they want the grass? They may have a vision of a uniform cut two-inches in length, while the mowing employee usually has the blades of their mower set at one inch.  “Mowing a lawn” is a simple statement, but it can mean many things to many people.  That is why the customer must make a list of specific needs/desires before meeting with any grass cutting company, and the key word is “specific.” Don’t just say “I want my lawn mowed,” when in fact you want a very specific lawn length.

Remember, the more information you can pass on to the company, the more likely your needs will be met.

Communication from the commercial grass cutter

As for the lawn company, you are the one expelling energy on any job, and you are the one who must price each job accurately so that you make a profit.  If you must go back and redo a job simply because communication was poor, your profit will suffer.  Write down everything the customer says, and then go over each point again to make sure there is clarity between both parties.  Consider, realistically, how long it will take you to meet the needs of the customer.  Do not try to lowball the cost estimate.  You will only hurt your profit-line in the long run. Give a fair cost quote, fair to the customer and fair to your company.  You may lose a few, but at least you won’t be working for no profit at all.

The first step towards making a profit on any mowing job is to make sure there is clear communication.

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