How To Use A Wood Chipper

A wood chipper could make fast work of tree branches

A wood chipper is a machine, a machine which has the capability to cause harm, and as such it must be operated by someone trained to do so.  A wood chipper is not for amateurs, and simply because you rented one and decided you can operate it, that does not mean that you should.  We can tell you horror stories about weekend warriors who decided to rent a wood chipper and ended their day in the emergency room of the local hospital.

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Now, though, let’s talk about wood chippers and the proper operation of them, and when you should probably play it safe and call land clearing companies.

Select a good site for the wood chipper

Wood chippers should always be placed on flat ground to avoid any possibility of them tipping over during operation, or rolling away during operation. This seems like such a logical and obvious step, but it is amazing how many amateurs fail to recognize the importance of flat ground.

Make adjustments to the chip deflector and the chip chute

The chip deflector and the chip chute need to be pointing where you want them to point. They are adjustable.  Make the determination of where you want the debris to go, and make the adjustments accordingly.

Apply the brake to the wood chipper

Such a simple thing to do, and yet each year we hear of someone who didn’t do this and suffered the consequences.

Put on protective clothing and eye protection

Tight-fitting clothing is a must.  You do not want a flapping shirt sleeve or flapping shirt tail to get into the wood chipper, pulling an arm or a body in with it.  This is the most common cause of injury with wood chippers, so pay close attention to it.

If you wear gloves, which you should, make sure they fit your hand snuggly.

In addition, wear eye protection.  Flying wood chips can blind someone.  Take this seriously.

Start the wood chipper

Start the machine up, let it run for a few minutes, and get comfortable with the sound and the moving parts.  Establish a walking path around it.  Familiarity is your friend, so take a few moments to gain that familiarity.

Stand to the side of the wood chipper

Always stand to the side of the machine when it is in operation.  Always!  Always!

Feed the wood chipper blunt end first

The wood chipper grabs whatever you feed it and pulls that object into its blades.  Feeding the machine blunt end first gives the teeth a solid surface to grab, and it makes it much easier for the machine to pull the sapling or small tree smoothly, from start to finish.

Enjoy the fruits of your labors

When all is said and done, you will have a beautiful pile of mulch, which you can use in your garden and for landscaping purposes.  Spread it thickly to aid in water retention and to help feed the soil and cut down on weeds.

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