Land Clearing Safety Measures To Take

What does lot clearing cost?

Land clearing, of one sort or another, is a necessary part of owning property. Every property owner has either done it or had it done. This article is aimed at those who are considering some sort of land clearing in the near future, safety measures that should be taken in order that you do the job right, and you do the job in such a way that you will come back all in one piece.

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Now, about those measures to keep you safe.

Land clearing safety measures

There are a number of safety measures we could mention, but in the interest of brevity, we will limit this article to the Top Five, which are:

  • Wear protective clothing and other apparatus
  • Pre-clear land before actually clearing the land
  • Learn how to operate machinery
  • Have safety measures in place
  • Check on public utilities before starting

What kind of safety equipment/protective clothing?  Goggles are a must, as are heavy gloves and ear plugs.  Heavy boots with safety toes.

Pre-clearing land means going around and picking up anything which could become a projectile if hit by a tractor mower, or a brush hog, backhoe, or any of the other large pieces of machinery commonly used for land clearing.

If you don’t know how to use a chainsaw, or a front-loader, or a bush hog, learn properly or don’t do it.

What happens if there is an accident? Do you have a proper first aid kit nearby? Do you have someone there to help you if an accident occurs?

And, finally, know where buried cables and pipes and other public utilities are located. There is a very stiff fine attached to the damaging of any public utilities apparatus, and many a weekend warrior has cut power lines or punctured water lines because they didn’t take the time to find out where they were located.

Don’t cut corners with land clearing

Taking short-cuts leads to mistakes, and mistakes can lead to injury. We know because, when we first started out in this business, we tried to take short-cuts.  It inevitably led to mistakes being made, which inevitably either led to injury, a poorly-done job, or property damage.

It’s worth the money to have the tough jobs done for you

Proper land clearing (lot clearing) involves heavy machinery, and heavy machinery requires proper training for its operation.  Too many weekend cowboys go to Home Depot and rent machinery which was never meant to be operated by amateurs.

Ask yourself this before starting out: what will it cost to have a professional do the job for you?  And then ask what it will cost for a trip to the emergency ward?

Professional land clearing services will cost in the $75-$100 per hour range.  A trip to the emergency room can cost you $5000-$10,000, or more.

This is not meant to frighten any of you, but it is necessary that you are aware of the risks involved with land clearing.

A final word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing

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