Mowing Large Fields in Fort Worth: Steps to Take

mowing large fields

Mowing large fields, in Fort Worth or anywhere else, is not as simple as jumping on your riding lawnmower and making a few passes over the field.  We will discuss the steps you should take when tackling a large mowing job.  We are Keith’s Tractor Mowing, serving the Fort Worth area with affordable acreage mowing. Call us for any mowing job over one acre in size.

Mowing large fields definition.

For the same of this discussion, let’s define large fields as anything one acre or larger. That is approximately the size of a football field and certainly is relevant for any farm or ranch, as well as any business park, airport, school, cemetery, etc.  “Acreage” requires specific steps be taken, unlike the relatively safe task of mowing a home lawn, and that is why this article is written.

Steps to take when mowing large fields.

Mowing large fields is more than just cranking up the engine on a mower and going at it. The sheer size of an acre of grass means certain steps need to be taken in order for the job to be done safely and properly.

First step, make sure you have the right equipment.  A walk-behind residential mower can certainly mow an acre of grass, but it will take hours.  A riding mower is better, and a tractor mower is best.

Step two, walk the entire acreage and remove all rocks and sticks from the mowing area.  Foreign objects, when struck by powerful mower blades, become projectiles which have the capability of causing physical harm to people and animals as well as destroying property like cars.

Third step, obtain safety clothing and goggles.  Talk to any nurse, or doctor, in a hospital emergency room and ask them about the injuries they have treated when improperly-prepared property owners tackled a mowing job without wearing safety clothing.

Step four, hop on that riding mower, or tractor mower, and tackle the job.  If this is a new task for you, take your time and be careful.  The bigger a mower, the more dangerous it is.  Only mow on relatively level ground, and never mow brush.  Brush is cut down using an attachment called a brush hog, and without that attachment you can easily ruin a tractor mower.

For best results, if time allows, several cuts work best, usually going in the opposite direction for the second cut.  And, if you are cutting for a farm or ranch, you will need to know the best cutting schedule so that your farm grass, or ranch pasture grass, grows best.

Or pay someone else to do the job.

Too much for you to handle? No problem; there are thousands of large property owners who hire out to commercial mowing companies.  Ask around and get the name of a reputable lot mowing company and let them do what they do best while you kick back and have a cold drink.  You can usually find a company which will mow your large lot for $75-$100 per hour.

A final word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing.

Keith’s Tractor Mowing is locally owned and operated.  For any mowing job over one acre in size, within a seventy-five mile radius of Fort Worth, Keith’s is the name to remember.