The Why of Commercial Mowing Rates

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Commercial mowing rates are a mystery to most of the buying public.  How are they determined? Are they priced too high? What about the low prices? Are they legit?

We are going to cut through the confusion of commercial mowing rates in this article, brought to you by Keith’s Tractor Mowing, leaders in acreage mowing and commercial grass cutting. Call Keith’s if you are in the Fort Worth area and the job you are facing is just too large, or too difficult, for you to handle.

Now, let’s talk about commercial mowing rates.

How are commercial mowing rates determined?

You can think of commercial mowing rates as the cost of doing a job, for the mowing company, plus an acceptable mark-up (profit).

What determines the cost of doing a job?

Several factors must be considered.  The hourly rate a company pays their employees must be factored in. If a job is going to take four hours, and a mowing company pays its employees $20 per hour, that $80 labor total will be included in the final mowing cost.

The cost of transporting heavy equipment like a tractor mower or a bush hog will also be factored in, as will the distance one must travel to the job site.

What is the cost of depreciation on the heavy equipment; what is the cost of liability insurance; and what is the acceptable mark-up charged by your competitors?  All of these things are part of the final determination when one is giving a quote for a mowing job.

Are commercial mowing rates in your area too high?

The only way to know if commercial mowing rates are fairly priced, in your area, is to obtain several job quotes from competing companies.  The market value will be fairly consistent throughout any large city, and you will find the quotes you obtain will be fairly consistent.  If you receive a quote which is far-removed from the norm, ask questions and find out.  The old adage “buyer beware” applies in this mowing industry, and it is up to the consumer to determine if they are being treated fairly.

Can you trust low, low rates?

It is entirely possible that, in a depressed area, mowing rates will be considerably lower than in an area which has a robust economy.  If you are given a job quote which is considerably less than any other you have received, the first question you should ask is why? Do they not carry liability insurance? Are their employees untrained and not certified?  Or are they simply a small company trying to gain a foothold in that local economy, willing to work with a very small profit margin in order to obtain business?  Again, this will require you to ask questions and do research. We are not saying that low rates are suspicious, but we are saying they should be questioned.

A final word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing

Keith’s Tractor Mowing is, and has been, a trusted name in large-scale mowing in the Fort Worth area for a number of years now, and that kind of longevity, in a very competitive industry, speaks volumes about the professionalism of Keith’s Tractor Mowing. Call us today and we will come out and give you a fair job quote.