Tips for Mowing High Grass

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Mowing high grass is not a job done without some preparation and forethought.  In this article we will give you some tips for mowing large fields with high grass.

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The problem with high grass

Well, put simply, the problem with high grass is that it does not cut evenly unless you have the proper equipment.  Make a pass while lot mowing tall grass, and then look back at what you have mowed. We guarantee you will see multiple patches of grass which were just pushed down by the blades, but not cut.  This necessitates going over the lot again and again until all the grass is cut. Which is time-consuming and, quite frankly, annoying.  And if you are doing acreage mowing, this problem simply compounds into a very large problem.

Have the right equipment for the job

Generally speaking, high grass must be mowed with commercial mower, preferably tractor mowing equipment. Large tractor mowers like a TORO or a John Deere have blades made of the strongest steel, sharpened to a knife’s edge, and they have enough power to overpower any grass no matter how high it is.  Push mowers like you find at Home Depot simply cannot handle tall grass, and will always leave an uneven cut.

Sharpen blades

If you have one of those push mowers from Home Depot, the only option you have is to sharpen the blades of the mower.  You can’t increase power, so the only option is to sharpen.  This is time-consuming, and slightly dangerous, but it is necessary if a push mower is your only option. Be careful!

Mowing more than once

Odds are excellent that, without the proper equipment, you will have to mow that lawn or lot more than once. Tip: mow in opposite directions on the second or third cut. Mow perpendicular the first cut, and horizontal the second cut.  You increase your chances of getting a complete cut by doing so.

Check for dangerous projectiles

A word of warning: walk the entire mowing area for rocks, sticks, and other debris.  A power mower will send that debris like projectiles, damaging property and quite possibly hurting you or bystanders.  There is a very good reason why we at Keith’s carry $1,000,000 general liability insurance.  Mowing can be a dangerous profession, and we like being protected while we do our job.  Keep that in mind before you tackle a job where hidden weapons lie deep in the grass.

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