Tractor Brush Cutter

tractor brush hog

What is a tractor brush cutter?  We aim to explain it to you and then, as an added bonus, we will tell you where to find the best darned tractor brush cutter in all of Fort Worth.

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Now, what about that tractor brush cutter explanation? Coming right up!

What is a tractor brush cutter?

Starting off, tractor brush cutters are usually called a brush hog, brush mower, or bush hog, and they are large tractor attachment used for brush mowing services.

Why are they used?  Simply because most mowers, and we include large tractor mowers in this explanation, do not have the power to cut down brush/vines/undergrowth/small saplings.  Many a farmer and property owner has found this out when their mower blades suddenly snapped or were bent in the attempt.

More about a brush hog

A brush hog is a large attachment which is towed behind a tractor. The brush hog has stronger blades, made of the toughest steel, heavier blades than normal, and the blades revolve at a higher rate of speed (up to 150 mph) than normal tractor mower blades. This combination, tough steel, heavier steel, and faster revolutions, makes it possible to cut down thick vegetation just like a knife through butter.

The bush hog also has blades which are attached to hinges, so that when they hit a rock or some other hard impediment, they will bounce off instead of snapping in two.

For those reading this who do not have a tractor, there are also walk-behind brush cutters, on the same scale as a large walk-behind mower, and they have a self-propulsion system which allows one person to guide the brush hog forward and to make turns.

The size of brush hogs varies greatly, from three feet to twenty-two feet in width, so a great deal of property can be cut down in a day’s time.

Safety of a bush hog

As is true of any heavy equipment, a brush hog is a piece of equipment which must be used with caution, and it is highly recommended that they not be used by someone untrained.  Any mower is dangerous, and that danger is amplified and increased as the mower increases in size and power. There are far too many “amateurs” hurt each year because they did not heed this warning:  Leave brush hogging to the professionals, and live to fight another day.

Where can you buy or rent a brush cutter?

Any reputable farm implement company will have brush cutters for sale or rent. A quick Google search or Yelp search should net you a couple options if you live in a city of decent size.

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